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  1. Weird Twitter map header

    “Weird Twitter” explained

    This is a response to a recent blowup over a grad student discovering and examining a group of Twitter users.

    The mere existence of this post will piss someone off. I think. Maybe they’re just joking. Whatevs.

    What is Weird Twitter?

    “Weird Twitter” is, simply, a loose group of Twitter users who write in a less-accessible form, using sloppy punctuation/spelling/capitalization, poetic experimentation with sentence format, first-person throwaway characters, and other techniques little known to the vast majority of “serious” Twitter users.

    These users are sometimes hard to distinguish from “low-quality” users like teens with textspeak or actual bots. Several of them regularly retweet, quote, or riff on @horse_ebooks tweets.

    Their tweets lean toward comedy, but maybe I just think that because that’s the part I like most. There could be some big crossover with Homestuck fanfic and I wouldn’t know. What gets me is that these users are actually innovating in the form of Twitter, rather than squeezing earlier forms into it. Their jokes seem, in some way that’s embarrassing to define (more on that later), written-for-Twitter in a way that, say, a Paula Poundstone tweet does not — in a way even a Rob Delaney tweet does not, though Delaney is a fan of several Weird Twitter users.

    See examples of Weird Twitter, and how it exploded this week. »

  2. Disapproving Kristen Wiig on Weekend Update

    Lists We’ll Write for the Awl if They Ask

    The Awl is a lovely, still-underrated blog edited by former Gawker writers who have since evolved. But maybe they’ve evolved a little past the rest of us. So we will help them with any of these lists:

    1. Magazines We’d Better Not See You Reading
    2. Furniture You Can’t Be Serious About
    3. Dog Breeds That, Ugh, What Are You Doing
    4. Bathrooms You Should Be Ashamed to Shit in
    5. Movies No Future Boyfriend of Mine Has Seen, Ever, Not Even Accidentally in a Bar on AMC
    6. Holidays Only the Plebes Would Celebrate
    7. Shirts You Shouldn’t Wear
    8. Monty Python Quotes That Are Verboten Past Sophomore Year
    9. Textures From Which Your Fingers Must Recoil
    10. Fruits You Can’t Eat if You Want Us to Like You
    11. Don’t Play Those Games, Games Aren’t for Fun

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