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  1. Meghan O'Keefe as Arianna Huffington

    How to Do an Arianna Huffington Impression

    The trick to sounding politically savvy is hidden in Sesame Street.

    Watch the simple way to sound like Arianna Huffington. »

  2. Ray Romano on Google Images

    18 Shitty Ray Romano Impressions

    Ray Romano is not a difficult man to imitate. It’s Kermit plus Brooklyn. And yet there are so many beautifully shitty impressions of him on YouTube. Most come from four to six years ago, when Everybody Loves Raymond was still on the air and online video quality was shoddy and uncomfortable (the same way that 70s video quality made everyone look vaguely like Trololo Guy). All this makes a perfect storm of embarrassment for even the most talented comedians imitating Raymond and his TV family.

    Watch pros and amateurs all do terrible Ray Romano impressions. »

  3. Beth Hoyt reads Not Tilda Swinton tweets

    (Not) Tilda Swinton Reads Tweets From @NotTildaSwinton

    O my Tildren, I have expressed in fingertipspeech my adoration of @NotTildaSwinton, the Twitter entity. My colleague Beth Hoyt has been Tilda, for a time, and in that time she rendered NotTilda into mouthspeech. Receive this into you.

    Watch an impersonation of Tilda Swinton reading NotTildaSwinton. »

  4. Nicki Minaj impression

    You Probably Saw This Guy’s Impression of Nicki Minaj

    Let’s stop all the overproduced “parodies” and just record our friends doing funny impressions. The Vice “Dos and Don’ts” people will reward the best ones and then we’ll all have ice cream in whiskey.

    Watch it. »

  5. Jim Meskimen

    Holy Hell, This Guy Sounds Exactly Like Everybody

    Actor Jim Meskimen delivers a speech from Shakespeare’s Richard III in 24 celebrity voices and it’s breathtaking. I am gasp-choking. Highlights that you don’t really see in most “100 impressions” videos: Ricky Gervais, George Clooney, Garrison Keillor (holy shiiiiiiit) and Morgan Freeman.

    You may recognize Meskimen from his voice work in all of the video games and all of the cartoons.

    Oh boy voices! Let’s hear ‘em! »

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