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  1. Super Nintendo

    I’m Remembering: Gifts Then and Now

    The trends may change, but the exuberance for presents doesn’t. There’s nothing less cool and exciting about a kid getting an iPhone than a Game Boy. Maybe some kids today come off more obnoxious than we were back in the day, but let’s not judge too harshly. Gratefulness can sometimes be mistaken for materialism. Kids just can’t be expected to act humbly when they get the #1 gift they wished for and it just explodes their little minds.

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  2. What your cigar grip says about you

    What Your Favorite Blog Says About You

    Gawker: You tell your friends jokes about their ethnicities and sexual orientations. They grin and say “Bitch!” and pretend to smack you.

    Huffington Post: Most of your pleasures are guilty pleasures.

    Daily Kos: You own a “Disappearing Civil Liberties” mug.

    Laughing SquidYou own an unconventional bicycle.

    BuzzFeed: Your giggle is too high-pitched.

    Gizmodo: You correct people in conversations that you overhear in public.

    Lifehacker: You know where your pens are.

    Read more. Then tell me your favorite blog so I can tease you about it. »

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