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  1. Every supposed picture of Hurricane Sandy over New York City is definitely real

    I live in New York and this is super-real:

    This is how storms work. They just appear suddenly, while boats are still out on the water and people are just all out on Liberty Island. Even climate change happens in, like, a half hour.

    Here’s how storms attack New York City. »

  2. Hurricane Sandy by NASA

    Hurricane Preparedness Tips

    Slacktory is going into hurricane preparedness mode! We’re learning lots about hurricanes. For example, did you know there’s a hurricane coming? That’s a hurricane fact!

    Follow these tips to get through Hurricane Sandy:

    • Fill your bathtub with water.
    • Fill a lot of jars with water.
    • Turn your microwave on its side and fill it with water.

    See more hurricane tips. »

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