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  1. Wonkette’s Text-Based Sideboob Slideshow

    Katy Perry is standing in front of a mysterious object, a jumble of shapes that you can’t interpret because she’s blocking most of it. She’s looking to your left, not at you, and is intensely holding an expression with her mouth in a smile that doesn’t convey any joy. She’s sick of this event (whatever it is, “Los Angeles, January 2010″ is all Getty Images will tell you about it) and all the photographs, or maybe her face just looks like that, now. She’s wearing what’s otherwise an unremarkable ecru shirt with golden floral prints, otherwise unremarkable except that it looks like it’s torn along the side — obviously its intentional, expertly distressed in some Bangladeshi factory, but the effect looks deliberately haphazard — from the armpit to the top of her ribcage. Most of this hole is covered by her left arm, but you can still see the side of her boob.

    Wonkette’s text-based sideboob slideshow

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  2. The Huffington Post Has a “Sideboob” Section

    Why this is EVERYTHING:

    • “Sideboob” isn’t just a tag page. Tag pages like “butts” don’t get a logo in the official typeface.
    • The Kristen Stewart article is about how a celebrity almost revealed the safe-for-work portion of her boob.
    • The other two top articles: More possible SFW boob, discussion of future contractual SFW boob
    • From the Kristen Stewart article (134 words): “But Stewart’s plunging neckline was definitely risky, resulting in a view of some pretty daring cleavage. Luckily, it seems some double-sided tape prevented any major accidents.” Someone wrote this. For money. Granted, it’s HuffPo, so probably not much money.
    • Comments: 867
    • Most recent comment, by Samuel “Class” Masters: “What boob? You mean the little meatball under that dress, lol.”

    Via: Chris Menning / Ned Hepburn

  3. Bob Parsons, asshat

    Brief Interviews With Hideous Websites


    GoDaddy: BUY SOME SHIT!

    Nick: oh god i just want to transfer this domain oh god where do i


    Nick: can you please show me where the


    Read conversations with the New York Times, Merriam-Webster and others. »

  4. What your cigar grip says about you

    What Your Favorite Blog Says About You

    Gawker: You tell your friends jokes about their ethnicities and sexual orientations. They grin and say “Bitch!” and pretend to smack you.

    Huffington Post: Most of your pleasures are guilty pleasures.

    Daily Kos: You own a “Disappearing Civil Liberties” mug.

    Laughing SquidYou own an unconventional bicycle.

    BuzzFeed: Your giggle is too high-pitched.

    Gizmodo: You correct people in conversations that you overhear in public.

    Lifehacker: You know where your pens are.

    Read more. Then tell me your favorite blog so I can tease you about it. »

  5. Leonidas, Hitler, Peter Griffin

    How Everyone at AOL Sees Each Other

    So TechCrunch is leaving AOL! Or its founder Michael Arrington is leaving! Or the Huffington Post is selling it to Reddit and the New York Times UGH I DON’T KNOW.

    To help you understand this whole situation without having to read, we made a chart of how everyone at AOL, the Huffington Post and TechCrunch sees each other.

    tl;dr: Everyone is a dick. »

  6. Our Huffington Post Politics Logo Contest Entry

    The Huffington Post, the progressive blog that makes a great case for corporations being evil, is asking designers to submit a “cool idea for a logo that screams ‘awesome politics coverage’” for free. That’s right, the designers don’t have to pay!

    So we entered the contest! Here’s our entry, which we think we spent just as much time on as the contest deserves!

    Contest via: Dansinker on Twitter

  7. Netflix preview

    The Entire Internet Goes 404

    Aw hell, Reddit’s down again! And Twitter! And Tumblr, and aw man, the entire internet has gone 404 ha ha ok that’s the joke-explaining intro now let’s look at the pictures.

    Designs by Dustin Glick.

    See all 11 error messages. »

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