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  1. mischief managed

    #NaNoWriMoClosers: A lot like #NaNoWriMoOpeners, if you can believe that

    The same crowd who started November with #NaNoWriMoOpeners are finishing it with #NaNoWriMoClosers. While the ones below are all great, I’ve missed so very many excellent closing lines from fake novels.

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  2. Vin Diesel upside down

    You need to get in on Twitter’s #VinDieselSunday

    The joke of Twitter’s #VinDieselSunday isn’t quite that Vin Diesel is dumb… it’s that he sort of sees the world like a child. An alien child. An autistic alien child.

    Every Sunday, very funny Twitter users think of ways that Vin Diesel would misinterpret normal things:

    The best thing is that there are very few lame ones. Sift through the hashtag search and sure, some aren’t gold, but they’re all at least bronze. Only the pros come out for Vin Diesel Sunday.

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  3. My Dinner With Andre Google Images

    #LessInterestingMovies: A Twitter game

    Last night (and into this morning), Twitter people were playing #LessInterestingMovies. I feel like we’ve played this hashtag game many times before. Which makes it less interesting and thus PERFECTLY SELF-REFERENTIAL.

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  4. Springtime for Hitler

    The Best #failedmusicals Twitter Jokes From the Last 24 Hours

    Comedian Christian Finnegan started this game last evening:

    And Twitter blew the hell up.

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  5. one hundred dollars

    Twitter Rolls Out More New Linkable Symbols

    After making stock symbols (like $HLYS) clickable in tweets, Twitter added functions to the rest of the symbol lineup. Here’s each symbol and what it links to.

    • !misogyny: problematic themes in this week’s Newsroom episode
    • %parallelbars: Predicted Olympic event winners, should NBC choose to reveal them
    • ;BreakingBad: GIF recaps
    • ^movingtocanada: Seemingly idiotic tweets that were actually witty banter
    • +LanaDelRey: Mentions of any person, but fat
    • ?JohnCena: Pro wrestlers maintaining kayfabe
    • *bugsbunnyandlola: Rule 34 pictures
    • &insidejob: Conversations on the truer, better version of Twitter that all the smart people use

    Photo by/CC Cuttlefish on Flickr

  6. The 10 Best Twitter Jokes From #NASASummerVacation

    Not a big game! There were only, like, 40 or 50 tweets in this one (started by @ahuj9, whom we last saw in the #completedbooks game). So you could go read them all. But here are the best ten.

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  7. So many books, so little time

    #CompletedBooks: The Best Jokes From the Twitter Hashtag Game

    David Malki !, the annoyingly punctuated creator of the webcomic Wondermark, started a Twitter game a few minutes ago. It’s called #completedbooks and the only rule, I think, is that you add words to the titles of books to make them sound funny.

    It’s like a looser version of Booking Bands, the game Coudal Partners invented in 2007 off-Twitter. (That game specifically required matching a band name to a book title.)

    It also reminds me of the McSweeney’s piece “Lesser-Known Movie Prequels”.

    Now let’s read some #completedbooks-es.

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  8. Pantone chips of grey

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