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  1. I’m Not a Hacker: The Short Film

    I knew Tom Oatmeal’s Slacktory story “I’m Not a Hacker” was genius. Director Andrew Stegmeyer agreed—and added his own genius. After playing in three festivals, here for the first time online, is “I’m Not a Hacker”—the short film.

  2. hack the mainframe
  3. Hackers computer screenshot

    Where Can I Get That Computer From the Movie “Hackers”?

    “The 90s Guy” is a new column by a guy from the 1990s.

    Does anybody know where I can get that computer from the movie Hackers?

    You know that one that’s like all painted colorful and crazy and there’s no letters on the keyboard?

    It must have a really impressive graphics card because it looked like they were flying through a crazy electronic city from the future — but all they were doing was browsing for some file.

    And do I need special typing classes to use it? (Read on.) »

  4. mountain dew contest hacked by 4chan

    The Three Best But Overlooked Suggestions for Mountain Dew’s Failed Flavor-Naming Contest

    Mountain Dew recently shut down its “name the new flavor” contest after 4chan easily pranked and hacked it. While the offensive names at the top of the list — Gushing Granny, Fapple, and “Hitler did nothing wrong” — have a certain appeal, I prefer the simple absurdity of these three entries:

    • Pepsi
    • Coke
    • Soda

    Of course the contest is gone now, only after someone hacked the site to read “Mtn Dew salutes the Israeli Mossad for demolishing 3 towers on 9/11!” which is… not subtle, but effective.

  5. Google Image search for hacker

    “The Rats of Deviance”: Intentionally Bad Hacker Fiction

    Oh my god, now I get how sex feels for girls. It feels like I felt reading “Stories of Intrigue: The Rats of Deviance” by Daniel Chase Peach on Progressive Boink, an intentionally bad short-short introduced as “a story written by the dumbest motherfucker taking Intro to Creative Writing at your local community college.”

    I couldn’t pick a “best” part but here’s a representatively witty part:

    “Huh,” said Micheal for the second time in the story. Something was afish.

    He investigated, typing rapidly on his keyboard whilst the screen flickered on his glass’s. He typed and typed and typed some more. Micheal worked late into the night, hacking into the World Database with the greatest of ease. Fear Factory crooned sweet nothing’s into his head phone’s.

    Suddenly, he found it: Julius Oránge’s info. Area code, birth date. First name. Last name. The work’s.

    “He’s a phoney,” Micheal mouthed, more shocked than even the hardiest adversary of Doink the Clown.

    Suddenly, the CD scratched, cutting off Fear Factory’s brilliant “Scumgrief” right amindst the seminal line “Smell the rats of deviance / Coursing through your veins“. “WHOSE THEY’RE!” SCReamed Micheal.

    When I say this is like sex for girls, I mean that it’s not about a buildup to a punchline, it’s about the many little moments that make you go “unnnffffff”, like that moment above where the writer keeps the caps-lock on too long. Go read the whole story.

  6. IT technician

    I’m Not a Hacker

    Let’s make something clear. I’m an IT technician. I’m not a hacker. And I’m certainly not the “Lead Hacker,” like it says on my business card.

    Hacking is illegal. Any idiot knows that. But when I told the morons that run to change my job title to something that doesn’t make me sound like a felon, they told me to relax.

    They said it’s the same thing.

    But it’s not the same thing. »

  7. Jesus gives the finger

    This Tweet Is Everything

    @AnonymousIRC I am a Christian, and consider this movement the second most socially important event since Jesus died for my sins. #SAILONless than a minute ago via Plume   Favorite Retweet Reply

    EagerDan is referring to Anonymous and LulzSec’s hacking spree, which resulted in alleged member Topiary’s arrest (he was released on bail Monday). The tweet that particularly moved EagerDan linked to a song from Battlestar Galactica.

    Via: Cole Stryker’s Epic Win blog, which adds “Praise Lulzus.”

  8. If it had been me, I would have broken into the phone company system, so I could have had direct access to the messages of all their customers. What News Corp. did, guess pin codes, spoofing voicemails, that is amateur script kiddie stuff.

    — Kevin Mitnick, reformed criminal hacker, in Betabeat

  9. helmet-cartoon

    The Swartz Is All Around Us: Aaron Swartz Update

    Wired more thoroughly explains the Aaron Swartz hacking case that we’ve followed on Slacktory — wherein the activist is accused of breaking into an MIT computer to download the JSTOR scholarly article database, at one point using a bike helmet as a mask to hide from security cameras.

    Sez Wired: Swartz pleaded not guilty and he’s due back in court in September. Current consensus is that he wanted the docs as a data set for a paper (like this Stanford Law Review piece.) It’s just the federal government bringing these charges. JSTOR says they didn’t take it to the Feds, and that they got all their documents back. So why is this worth an investigation?

    Use the Swartz. »

  10. Aaron-Swartz-with-bike-helmet-mask

    Reddit Ex-Employee Aaron Swartz Allegedly Used Bike Helmet as Mask When Stealing Millions of Docs

    Ohhhh man. Plenty of new shit has come to light in the case of Aaron Swartz, Reddit co-founder (or just ex-employee), who was indicted today for the alleged theft of four million JSTOR documents via an MIT computer. But the best detail, taken from the filed indictment:

    On January 6, 2011, Swartz returned to the wiring closet to remove his computer equipment.  This time he attempted to evade identification at the entrance to the restricted area. As Swartz entered the wiring closet, he held his bicycle helmet like a mask to shield his face, looking through ventilation holes in the helmet. Swartz then removed his computer equipment from the closet, put it in his backpack, and left, again masking his face with the bicycle helmet before peering through a crack in the double doors and cautiously stepping out.

    More updates on the case. »

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