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  1. Anthropologie Girls Pictures

    Anthropologie Girls

    Models from the Anthropologie catalog share secrets in the newest episode of “Pictures: The Webseries.”

  2. girl doing sound effects

    Guys Are Better Than Girls at Guy-Movie Sound Effects

    The short film “Bleep Blap Bloop” tries to answer the question, “Who’s better at sound effects: boys or girls?” which, while not a question you’ve ever actually asked, clearly gets at some root stereotype we (boys) think all the time. Namely, “girls aren’t as good at having fun.”

    But the game’s rigged. Creators Marcella Coad and Paul Constantakis only ask for sounds like helicopters, robots, and three kinds of guns. As one girl asks in the video, “Couldn’t you have done, like, a duck?”

    It’s still damn pretty, and fun to watch.

    Watch a bunch of cute young people make whoosh-bleep-bang sound effects. »

  3. horse miracles- heaven

    Horse Girls Have Blogs Now, And They Still Get Mocked

    Jenny was a horse girl. We were in first grade. She once chased me around on the playground with a stick she had been chewing on. I went to one of her birthday parties once and she had paper plates with pretty prints of horses, a cake with a horse made of frosting, and cups with ponies dancing in circles. She dreamed of horses. She told us all about how one day she would have the most beautiful black horse kept in a stable that she had already picked out about 15 minutes outside of the city. She sometimes came to school smelling a little like piss. And all of us, like the cruel children we were, made fun of her non-stop.

    Jenny was a horse girl, and if the internet had been around, she may have found solace online. Horse Girl Problems is a Tumblr that describes relatable moments for horse girls and sincerely answers questions posed by its feminine equestrian readership.

    Source: Horse Girl Problems

    And while most ‘___ problems’ blogs might be taken with a hint of irony, the audience at Horse Girl Problems sincerely relates to these text macros. The above was reblogged by user sparklyzombie with the response, “Cannot tell you how many times this happened to me…”

    Source: Horse Girl Problems

    So of course a parody has sprung up: Horse Girl Miracles. »

  4. dear girls dear boy

    Trend: Sassing Back Boys With Pseudofeminist Handwritten Signs

    If you’ve made good life choices on Tumblr, you’ve seen this photo reply by Einstein on Acid:

    Well this is just part of a whole hilarious movement of replies to hand-drawn-sign boys. It’s “I am the 99%” parodies all over again.

    Come see the rest! There’s a naked lady and a belly and a supervillain! »

  5. Madea with a chainsaw

    Tyler Perry’s Lena Dunham’s “Girls”

    This is a mash-up parody, pegged to Girls‘s “race problem”. It’s pretty good. Someone pitched it to me. You can pitch me a video you made or like too!

    Watch Madea react to Lena Dunham a lot. »

  6. Bad Girls Club

    Why Are All the Shows About Girls Called “Girl” something?

    I like how TV shows let us know if a show is about girls. Two Broke Girls, The New Girl, Girls. Just like all those guy shows! Everyone Loves That Raymond Guy, Spin City of Guys, Frasier (He’s a Guy).

    Though I could just be Black History Monthing it. Like, including a description of the character could always be a thing, but suddenly we’ve got three shows with “girls” in the title and I sound like a racist uncle asking “Why isn’t there a white history month? Where’s white entertainment television?” Easy dude, they’re historically underrepresented.

    I guess there’s Two and a Half Men. Or they put the name of someone, often a dude, in the title. King of Queens. Seinfeld. Frasier. It’s OK. It’s about a dude. Nobody freaked out.

    I guess there was Caroline in the City and The Mary Tyler Moore Show and I’ll let myself out, thanks.

  7. AAEG WhiteWomen

    Lena Dunham Wishes Away the “Girls” Haters: Ask an Evil Genie, Celebrity Edition

    Lena Dunham wishes: I wish that Girls hadn’t been placed under such intense scrutiny before it had even premiered.

    The Evil Genie replies: Boom, done. Your new HBO show, titled Specific Young White Women, premieres to very little fanfare. The internet fails to throw up on itself and then eat its own vomit, not unlike a dog, and you receive a handful of positive reviews from small outfits. You’re a 25-year-old woman with your own TV show! Crazy and amazing.

    The week after the pilot airs, you feel fantastic. Your family and friends, all wealthy famous people, are incredibly happy for you. The women who seek out the show, hard as it is to find, really relate to it and think highly of your capabilities as a writer/director/producer/creator/actress. And no one thinks you’re racist or bourgeois or spoiled or disconnected or the product of good fortune! People don’t take any notice of any of you or your show’s flaws at all. #SpecificYoungWhiteWomen doesn’t trend on Twitter.

    Feminist blogs discuss HBO’s Sunday nights with a passion, but the talk is all turned to Veep (Would you vote for a woman like Selina Meyer? What if she rocked flowery dresses and Doc Martens like Elaine Benes used to? Think pieces abound). There are no parody videos, or screencapped memes, or diatribes from men, or diatribes from women about the diatribes from men, or parody diatribes written by men about diatribes written by women, or parody diatribes written by women about diatribes written by men about women. There’s nothing.

    In the second week, ratings fall. It turns out that your target demographic doesn’t really have HBO, unless they are living and/or staying with their parents… (Read More) »

  8. Nick Douglas in aviator sunglasses

    Hot Girls, I Get You (A Musical Reply to “Hot Problems”)

    Yo hot girls! I really got what you were trying to say with your viral song “Hot Problems”. Hit me up at and we can just hang out together and see where that goes!

    Watch my music video response to ‘Hot Problems’. »

  9. HBO Girls lineup

    Here Is Your Opinion on HBO’s “Girls”

    We have an opinion on Lena Dunham’s Girls!

    We got our opinion from a days-old satirical blog post! It’s a deconstruction of many people’s criticisms of Girls.

    Tumblr’s B Michael Payne writes a 15-point critique, saying shit like:

    One time I tried to sleep with the girl like Lena Dunham to make her feel better about herself, and she didn’t want to, and I stopped talking to her after that because she was irredeemably sad and terrible.


    [Lena Dunham having money] makes her television show not as good as shows depicting poor people like “The Wire”.

    Read more highlights, or just go read the whole piece. »

  10. Freckle overload

    2/10 Would Not Bang: 4chan’s Funniest New Meme

    There’s this running joke on the internet about an acne-scarred C.H.U.D. (or Butthurt Dweller) finding fault with any and all images of women in order to alleviate the self-hatred and loneliness that goes along with being a neckbearded netizen — “I can’t find a decent woman, not because I’m just awful in every way, but because all the women in my town have such big foreheads and stubby toes. Disgusting!”

    This mindset has borne a new meme, “2/10 Would Not Bang,” in which 4chan users post images of flawless women and compete against each other to find fault in increasingly creative ways, and then dismiss them with the Comic Book Guy-channeling verdict: 2/10, Would Not Bang.

    See 23 of the best Would Not Bangs. »

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