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  1. A Song of Ice and Fire: Entire series recapped in two minutes (SPOILERS)

    Not only do I fail to recap the series, I don’t even keep it to two minutes.

  2. Alex Rodriguez and Game of Thrones

    Everything wrong with Game of Thrones/baseball

    We all know the winners will be the ones with the most money. Why do we bother watching them compete?

    Written by Alex Schmidt
    Directed by Tom Leveritt
    Performed by Alex Schmidt and Nick Douglas

  3. Game of Thrones swearing - Arya Stark
  4. The throne is made out of like a hundred dildos

    Chapter titles for the inevitable “Game of Thrones” porn parody, “Winter Is Coming”

    • Making water
    • Milk of the poppy
    • Awake the dragon
    • Valyrian steel
    • Stick them with the pointy end
    • Gods Eye
    • In his cups
    • Boiled leather
    • Deeper than swords
    • Hot pie
  5. King Joffrey attack ad

    Mother Jones’s “Game of Thrones” Attack Ads

    It’s not a new schtick, but Mother Jones does it really well! I think it’s all the fake British accents. Also I thought “Of course they have some staffers with Renaissance Faire outfits ready” but then I realized I was thinking of Mother Earth News and I’m an idiot.

    (Spoilers, duh.)

    Watch the attack ads. »

  6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre - American Apparel banner

    16 Missed Opportunities for Product Placement

    Inspired by this Reddit post, I found other movies and TV shows that could have cashed in with perfect ads. Maybe they can use these in the next DVD release.

    Game of Thrones


    The Hunger Games

    See 14 more beautiful product placement opportunities, including Precious, Avatar, and Shame. »

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