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  1. Tough Love: The Goddesses

    Tough Love episode 3 is out! Steven gets stressed out by his meditation teacher, and Blaire wonders if she’s gay.

    This was the first episode we shot, and it was fun. On day 1 of shooting, Emily Fletcher kindly let us use her meditation studio and played a high-strung, evil version of herself.

    Tough Love, a comedy series about two roommates afraid of New York City and of their own sex lives, has been compared to “Broad City” by The Daily Dot.

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  2. Choose Your Own Adventure covers

    Scenarios I Have Prepared For, As a Grown Adult

    • Receiving the power of flight or the power of invisibility, my choice: Prepared extensive Socratic questions for proper decision making, such as “How fast can I fly?” and “If I’m invisible, am I also blind because light passes through my retinas?”
    • Surviving as long as possible in the vacuum of space: After stumbling onto the phenomenon on TV Tropes, read multiple articles, including the few historical examples of spacesuit malfunctions. Practiced breathing out slowly. Recalled physician’s positive assessment of lung capacity.

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  3. Flotsam and Jetsam are lesbians

    Dirty Disney Confessions: The PostSecret of Wanting to Fuck Every Disney Character

    This blog knows what it is, and does it very well. Someone confesses a filthy fantasy about a Disney character. Dirty Disney Confessions posts the confession onto a screenshot of that character. Repeat until Mufasa is just covered in cum.

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