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  1. Tough Love: The Announcement

    In Tough Love episode 4, Blaire upsets a dinner party when she reveals something personal.

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  2. Supercut: Awkward meal time

    So… how was your Thanksgiving? Looking forward to Christmas with the family?

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  3. Kimmy Gibbler on Full House

    Why Full House’s Kimmy Gibbler Was NOT the Wacky Neighbor

    You weren’t allowed to have a sitcom in the 90’s unless a wacky neighbor was involved. Family Matters had Steve Urkel, Home Improvement had Wilson and Full House had Kimmy Gibbler. However, unlike her contemporaries, Kimmy never used a shrink ray on the Tanner family or obscured half of her face whenever she went into public. She was just kind of a dumpy weirdo who got shit on all the time by the people next door.

    But here’s the thing—in what bizarro universe is Kimmy the wacky, eccentric next door neighbor when you consider the shenanigans happening at the Tanner house? How is it that we’re tricked into thinking that Kimmy is the weirdo when she doesn’t live in a house with her dad, two sisters, her uncle’s entire family and her dad’s unmarried college buddy?

    To everybody else in the neighborhood, the Tanners must seem like some creepy cult polygamist family of serial killers… (Read on.) »

  4. Title Pic

    Marla the Shitty Advice Columnist: Family

    We tried to hire a dating columnist for Slacktory, but we’re working on a budget so Marla is all we could afford. Also see her previous advice.

    Dear Marla,

    My friend’s dad cheated on his mom and he’s so depressed. How can I help?


    First of all define ‘cheatin’ cuz it has several meanings. »

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