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  1. Social media is beer, not heroin

    A response to people who demonize Facebook and Twitter addiction.

    Original Zen Pencils comic

  2. Nick-uses-Facebook-Social-Graph-Search

    Nick uses Facebook’s social graph search

    Facebook has a powerful new search tool! Nick tries to break it.

    Previously: Nick and Siri get an iPhone 5

  3. The Year in Memes!

    Everybody’s getting into meme-tracking! Google’s got their Zeitgeist, Facebook’s got their grandma-like definition of memes. So Slacktory made our own chart of 2012′s best memes:

    Slacktory 2012 meme graph

    Background photo via A Place to Love Dogs

  4. HireKevin Applebee's Restaurant with Kevin Matuszak

    #HireKevin: Man tries to become Applebee’s spokesman over Facebook and Twitter

    Facebook is topping all our news feeds with obnoxious brand posts, while hiding updates from pages we actually liked. Clicking to hide the post leaves me feeling impotent. My colleague Henry likes to leave stupid comments on these promoted posts, punishing the brands for so desperately chasing his likes.

    It looks like Kevin Matuszak is doing that, but on a grand scale. He’s begging Applebee’s to hire him, in a Facebook comment thread that’s gotten 182 comments and 265 likes. And whoever runs the Applebee’s Facebook page has been responding every now and then, checking on his progress — and then helping him along. They’re trying to turn it into a publicity stunt. A very silly, stupid, actually-fun publicity stunt.

    On Monday, Kevin wrote on the Applebee’s Facebook timeline: “hi, can I work for you?” They replied, “Check if your local Applebee’s is hiring!”

    But Kevin said he wanted a job at corporate. And he kept bugging them. With updates like these:

    See Kevin’s insane campaign to become the public face of Applebee’s. »

  5. Facebook copyright notice hoax - Cyber Monday

    Celebrities and newsmakers fall for the Facebook copyright notice hoax

    It’s really sad to see everyone fall for the Facebook copyright notice hoax. You guys realize that just declaring something on your Facebook status doesn’t make it legally so, right?

    See more people in the news, all falling for the Facebook copyright hoax. »

  6. Jimmy John's V for Vendetta mask

    I think Jimmy John’s regrets their election-themed Facebook post

    Jimmy John’s sandwich shops posted this cute joke photo on their Facebook this morning:

    The commenters quickly started arguing whether it’s illegal to post these pictures (it’s a misdemeanor in some states, a felony in others, completely legal in a few). It got real stupid, real fast.

    See more Facebook commenters arguing about whether a sandwich franchise committed electoral fraud. »

  7. MySpace guru

    Proper terms for “gurus” on every social media site

    It’s really embarrassing to see social media experts running around with the wrong fake-cool job titles, all calling themselves “Facebook ninjas” and “Twitter rockstars”. Let’s clarify what title you need based on what site you have bullshit expertise in.

    • Facebook oracle
    • MySpace swami
    • Pinterest barbarian
    • Twitter queen regent
    • Instagram unicorn

    See the rest of the correct social media guru names »

  8. David Foster Wallace hates you

    Explaining away my Facebook frienemy’s supposedly good taste as shown by his Likes

    I refuse to accept that my Facebook frienemy has good taste. This is probably what he thinks about his favorite Facebook pages:

    Arrested Development: Martin Short was the best on that!

    Democratic party: Bush planned 9/11.

    Adele: Just between listens of early Charlotte Church.

    Community: Chevy Chase FTW!

    David Foster Wallace: Inspired me to wear a bandana every day.

    See the real reasons this asshole likes the New Yorker, the Daily Show, and Mumford & Sons. »

  9. Status Kill interrogation

    Status Kill: A Facebook Interrogation

    My favorite episode of My Damn Channel’s Status Kill so far, thanks to the clever back-and-forth. You don’t need any context to jump into this, just a loathing of people who post mysterious status messages.

    Watch the latest Status Kill. »

  10. unbabyme-list’s baby-detecting keywords list is amazing

    I just installed, the browser extension for replacing Facebook baby photos with photos of other, more interesting things. After you set it up in Chrome, it drops you on the configuration page, which features a RIDICULOUS list of keywords they use to locate babies.

    Here it is:

    Check out the most ridiculous baby-detecting list you’ve ever seen. »

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