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  1. Supercut: We don’t negotiate with terrorists

    I’m particularly proud of the Olsen twins in clip 3.

    Edited by Brett Roberts and Travis Greenwood.

    Source list:

    Air Force One
    Winning London
    The Dark Knight Rises
    Tropic Thunder
    Collateral Damage
    Land Of The Blind
    World Is Not Enough
    Austin Power: International Man Of Mystery
    The Simpsons (“Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming”)
    Winning London
    Get Smart
    The Delta Force

  2. Supercut: Don’t check it out, don’t split up

    If you find yourself in a scary movie, stick close to everyone. The moment you split up, you’re hacked up.

    See the source list. »

  3. Do you believe this guy

    Supercut: I don’t believe this guy!

    It’s what movie characters say about an hour before they believe the aforementioned guy.

  4. Cinderella almost kisses the prince
  5. We're not so different Scary Movie 3

    We’re not so different, you and I

    Movie villains think everyone’s the same.

    See the source films. »

  6. hack the mainframe
  7. It's-a-no-brainer

    It’s a no-brainer

    You never hear this in real life, right?

  8. I-can-explain-supercut---Justin-Long

    Slacktory Supercut: I can explain!

    Get Clarissa in here, she can explain this! She can explain it all.

    See a list of featured films. »

  9. no time to explain - Nelson on The Simpsons
  10. pin it to win it

    58 Corporate Pinterest-based Contests Named “Pin It and Win It”

    Pinterest is a place for creativity. Like when you’re naming your brand’s social media engagement contest!

    See how creative these contests get! »

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