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  1. preacher casts out gay demon

    So that’s what a gay demon sounds like

    This is a man casting a gay sex demon out of another man. I mean not really, mostly because as everyone has pointed out, no gay demon would show up to church in that vest.

    Of course it’s super-upsetting to see someone convinced that their sexuality is caused by a demon, so convinced that they find themselves pretending to be the demon. So let’s keep trying to not do that! And meanwhile laugh at the asshole preachers who pretend to cast out demons.

    Watch an exorcism that prooobably didn’t hold up. »

  2. Data Points: Boba Fett Sucks, Christians Are Weird

    • Hipster Runoff shreds an “Alt Christian” Kickstarter vacation-tour by using its own words. [Hipster Runoff]
    • “No, I don’t want to go to the show.” A monologue by Jimmy Chen. [Thought Catalog]
    • “JANE I BOUGHT YOU A DRESS MADE OF TEN THOUSAND PEARLS AS A BRIDAL PRESENT” — Texts From Jane Eyre, by Mallory Ortberg, who writes here too sometimes. [The Hairpin]
    • Boba Fett sucks at his job. A video. [Cracked]
    • Aw cute, Buzzfeed’s Matt Stopera found some sad Etsy animals today too! Twinsies! [Buzzfeed]
  3. Tumblr Jesus has followers

    The Life and Times of Tumblr Jesus

    Every day, Tumblr’s millions of users pick a new piece of pop culture to worship, desecrate, and repurpose. But what of our sacred texts and old traditions? Will they make sense in this Tumblr Universe?

    Fear not, for I have updated one of our most beloved religious stories to ensure that our children and our children’s children understand. Behold:

    Read the story of God’s only begotten Fuck Yeah blogger. »

  4. Wild Hog Hunt woods

    I Want to Accept Christ as My Savior at Texas’s Wild Hog Hunting Ranch

    The Wild Hog Hunt (which we found through Google Adwords and whose FAQ we just discussed) is a Texas hunting ranch, where customers can kill wildlife both local and exotic such as buffalo, doves, hogs and scimitar-horned oryx. It’s also a Christian ministry. They have a page about using their business to evangelize to your friends.

    Do you have a brother, father, son, friend, or neighbor that you have invited to go to church, but they have continually refused? Have you tried to witness to your lost friends or family to no avail? Have they refused to hear about Christ through the traditional means? This is where the Lord has led us to help fill the gap.

    They may have continually refused to go to church with you, but would they like to go hunting with you, and do so at a really good price?  This will give you an opportunity to spend several days of travel and hunting with them, and let them see Christ through you. The goal being, to win your lost friend to Christ.

    Dear all my Christian friends: Please take me on a hug hunt to let the light of our Lord Jesus shine through to me.

    Kneeling over a boar’s carcass, I’ll begin to weep. You’ll guide me to a quiet place to pray, discreetly wiping my tears off the boar so it’s still in trophy-able condition for the taxidermist. The goodness of God will fill my soul, surely as the hunter’s lead doth fill the boar’s lungs with its blood. In our Apostle-Paul-and-Ananias moment, we will embrace as brothers in Christ, as our guide does the math on our meat-grinding fees and reminds us that gratuities are accepted.

  5. Glenn Beck Anonymous

    Glenn Beck Makes an Anonymous-Style Video, 4chan Will Probably Go Nuts



    Why would you bring this upon yourself, Glenn Beck? I mean it’s awesome that you did but how?

    Watch Glenn Beck try to hijack Anonymous. »

  6. Jesus changes a gay man
  7. Religions banner

    All I Know About Your Religion

    I mostly worship myself, so I don’t know a lot about the world’s religions. In fact I know just one thing about each one. Let me teach you about your religion!

    Read the sum of my religious knowledge. »

  8. Rick-Perry-ass

    Why You Should Be Happy That YouTube Didn’t Ban Rick Perry’s Offensive Anti-Gay Ad

    OK. So. First Rick Perry made this political ad where he said, “There’s something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school.  As President, I’ll end Obama’s war on religion.”

    A lot of people are pissed! Because 1) holy shit, dude and 2) haha what?

    And then some people made parody videos.

    And then YouTube started taking them down.

    Watch the banned videos! »

  9. Jesus gives the finger

    This Tweet Is Everything

    @AnonymousIRC I am a Christian, and consider this movement the second most socially important event since Jesus died for my sins. #SAILONless than a minute ago via Plume   Favorite Retweet Reply

    EagerDan is referring to Anonymous and LulzSec’s hacking spree, which resulted in alleged member Topiary’s arrest (he was released on bail Monday). The tweet that particularly moved EagerDan linked to a song from Battlestar Galactica.

    Via: Cole Stryker’s Epic Win blog, which adds “Praise Lulzus.”

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