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  1. Separated at birth!

    1. Uncle Buck and Del Griffith

    Separated at birth - Uncle Buck and Planes Trains and Automobiles

    Take the mustache off the guy from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and put a hat on him. Uncanny.

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  2. Inane responses to celebrity tweets

    Celebrities: they’re just like us, but with SO many more Twitter followers. Maybe that’s why regular people feel comfortable tweeting starstruck nonsense at the world’s most influential social media users. I assume—or I hope—they figure it’s just going to fly under the radar of the rich and famous, and no one will ever notice that they communicated some embarrassingly dopey sputterings to their favorite famous person.

    Nothing flies under our bottom-feeding radar, though, so here’s some tweets that answered celebrity blather with even less impressive online repartee:

    Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 10.17.38 PM

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  3. Tila Tequila conspiracy theory banner

    Tila Tequila’s descent into conspiracy-theory madness

    This is not a joke piece. The story below is real. — Ed.

    Is the following a quote from Left Behind or blog of a reality star from the mid 2000s?

    This is a message to all the people of Jerusalem. I am the reincarnation of Melchizedek. Have been a lie to your own people and used a great many masquerading as a human led humanity to the world very dark and ugly. If you really believe that then you must believe me a message to all of you. I roll the real bodies of Melchizedek.

    If you guessed a blog, you win! And bonus points if you guessed it was translated from Hebrew (I had to use Google Translate) from a post by Tila Tequila. This October, the former reality star has refocused her brand online as a “Freedom Fighter” against the Illuminati, Moon People, mind controlling frequencies, and a possible upcoming apocalypse.

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  4. Tom Hanks Clay Shirky header

    Clay Shirky Is Bald Tom Hanks

    Ever notice how writer-thinker Clay Shirky is particularly witty and engaging for a tech pundit? That’s because he’s Tom Hanks in glasses and a bald cap.

    Thanks to our colleague Chris Menning for figuring this out.

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  5. Mark Zuckerbird banner

    Six Stupid Celebrity Animal Photoshop Puns

    Celebrity name puns! You people eat those up! Celebs photoshopped into animals! Welcome to Obama’s America!

    Goose Springsteen

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  6. Ed Bassmaster meets Larry King

    Celebrity Spotting With Ed Bassmaster

    The schtick is that Bassmaster pretends he thinks random people are certain celebrities. Just watch it for the Larry King moment at 0:45.

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  7. Tilda Swinton

    @NotTildaSwinton: Fake Tilda Swinton Twitter Account Funnier Than Fake Everything Else

    Know how articles say “Forget X, here’s Y!”? I always substitute “fuck” for “forget”. In this case, X = fake Zooey Deschanel and Y = fake Tilda Swinton, @NotTildaSwinton on Twitter.

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  8. Rob Lowe – Celebrity Name Pun

    This is lit’rally the best name pun ever.

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