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  1. Malory Archer and Lucille Bluth mashup

    Malory Archer is Lucille Bluth

    A public service to Arrested Development fans who haven’t tried Archer. And vice versa.

    Previously: Arrested Godfather

  2. Colonel Hunter Gathers on Venture Bros

    Venture Bros.: Best of Colonel Hunter Gathers

    We partnered with Adult Swim to give you two Venture Bros. supercuts. Watch the new season of Venture Bros. starting June 2!

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  3. Venture Bros villain

    Villains of the Venture Bros.

    We partnered with Adult Swim to give you two Venture Bros. supercuts. Watch the new season of Venture Bros. starting June 2!

    See our other supercut: Best of Colonel Hunter Gathers

  4. Top Six Wettest Disney Princesses

    6. Jasmine (Aladdin)

    Look at her, just standing in that Saudi Arabian desert, sand blowing everywhere. “What’s that J? You need some lotion for your uncomfortably dry and itchy skin?” Jasmine’s got those sweaty armpits guaranteed by a stiflingly hot home climate, but not much else going for her in the wet department. She also has a beloved orange and black pet cat named Garfield. Cats, especially cartoon cats, despise water and its wet properties. Girl, you just laid a big ol’ goose egg to kick off these wetness scale ratings.


  5. Archer-insult-supercut

    Archer: Insulting Nicknames Edition

    We could make an Archer supercut every day and never run out. We figured this one would be more interesting than three minutes of “Yuuup!” “Yup!” “Nooope!”

    Previously: Finn’s crazy shouts in Adventure Time

  6. no time to explain - Nelson on The Simpsons
  7. animals web show - horses

    New episode of “Animals” you guys

    In the latest standalone episode of the Channel 101 series “Animals”, two friends hang out in Central Park. They are both horses.

    Watch ‘Horses’. »

  8. woman screams into phone
  9. Finn the Human on Adventure Time

    All the best exclamations from Adventure Time’s Finn the Human

    Finn the Human, Adventure Time co-hero with Jake the Dog, has an intense “Bill and Ted”-style exclamatory vocabulary. It’s not “LOL random” — it follows certain rules of portmanteau, euphemisms, and droll self-awareness of self-actualization. Our video editor Bryan Menegus collected all his best shouts in this original Slacktory supercut.

    Until a few weeks ago I thought SpongeBog SquarePants was this vapid kids-only show with no “alt” value, and completely missed its subversive and legitimately hilarious aspects. I could see someone making the same mistake here, if they weren’t aware of Adventure Time‘s long-term satire of children’s shows and development into a mystical art piece. But anyway, let’s watch Finn shout some stuff.

    — Nick Douglas, ed.

    Watch Finn’s wacky exclamations! »

  10. burgertopping

    Every daily special and shop-next-door joke from “Bob’s Burgers” in one place

    Every episode of Bob’s Burgers starts with its own small version of the Simpsons couch gag: each time the opening theme plays, a different store opens up next to Bob’s. And in each episode are one to four pun-based “daily special” burgers. In honor of last night’s season premiere of Bob’s Burgers, here’s every one of them from the first two seasons.

    Season One, Episode One

    See them all. »

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