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  1. Business ideas for the Powerball jackpot winner

    Everyone who’s not the Powerball $425M jackpot winner, PLEASE DON’T WATCH THIS CONFIDENTIAL VIDEO.

  2. Business Rocks help you achieve a sex frequency and quality that you desire. This is the standing kind of sex that happens in kitchens and bathrooms, not the laying-down sex that happens in old person beds and hospital funerals., which is sadly just one page

    Via: Wreck and Salvage

  3. Sher Valenzuela thanks the government

    Redditor Makes a Fake Site Out of Facts for GOP Convention Speaker Sher Valenzuela

    I couldn’t pack the beauty of this stunt into the headline. Here’s how FirstStateMan presented it on Reddit: “On Tuesday night, small business owner Sher Valenzuela will address the nation at the RNC on how she ‘built it herself’. Unfortunately, she forgot to build So, I built it for her!” talks about the actual history of Valenzuela’s company, First State Manufacturing, and how it’s relied on government aid from the start.

    Read how First State Manufacturing’s real site also shows off its government connections. »

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