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    Bozarking: The Doctor Who of Reddit Commenters

    One of Reddit’s most famous users is Bozarking, who wrote comments with elaborate sexual fantasies, often in innocent threads, that then attracted massive upvotes. His term “nonsexual and silly“, used in one of his many incest-themed stories, became a Reddit shibboleth. It also describes Bozarking’s style: presenting scenes where taboo, arousal and mundane joys and intimacies are inextricable.

    After a few months, Bozarking deleted all his comments (some were saved and reused by the user bozarking_saver) and he disappeared early this year.

    Except a Bozarking homage pops up every few months — with such consistency that it’s pretty easy to believe Bozarking is just creating new accounts.

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