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  1. Sell-In: Stop your favorite musicians from selling out!

    Bob Dylan recently caused an uproar by appearing in a Super Bowl ad for Chrysler. Fans were furious that their idol would betray them like this, giving them no say in how much money he makes and specifically how he makes it.

    Selling out has been a constant concern for fans of artists. By accepting money from big companies, artists are engaging in a filthy act that almost literally amounts to pooping in their fans’ mouths.

    But thankfully, selling out is on its way out, thanks to a revolutionary new website called Sell-In.

    See how Sell-In works. »

  2. Eytan and the Embassy music video

    Eytan and the Embassy’s “Everything Changes”: 18 Costume Changes, 1 Music Video, 0 Edits

    Eytan (of Eytan and the Embassy) does ads and parody videos and soundtracks, so of course his music video is a viral stunt. But it’s an elegant studio stunt, more early OK Go than recent OK Go. In one four-minute still shot, Eytan dresses as a dozen and a half classic musical artists.

    Plus it has a Weird Al costume in it. And that’s a mark of serious music.

    Watch the video for ‘Everything Changes’. »

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