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  1. horse miracles- heaven

    Horse Girls Have Blogs Now, And They Still Get Mocked

    Jenny was a horse girl. We were in first grade. She once chased me around on the playground with a stick she had been chewing on. I went to one of her birthday parties once and she had paper plates with pretty prints of horses, a cake with a horse made of frosting, and cups with ponies dancing in circles. She dreamed of horses. She told us all about how one day she would have the most beautiful black horse kept in a stable that she had already picked out about 15 minutes outside of the city. She sometimes came to school smelling a little like piss. And all of us, like the cruel children we were, made fun of her non-stop.

    Jenny was a horse girl, and if the internet had been around, she may have found solace online. Horse Girl Problems is a Tumblr that describes relatable moments for horse girls and sincerely answers questions posed by its feminine equestrian readership.

    Source: Horse Girl Problems

    And while most ‘___ problems’ blogs might be taken with a hint of irony, the audience at Horse Girl Problems sincerely relates to these text macros. The above was reblogged by user sparklyzombie with the response, “Cannot tell you how many times this happened to me…”

    Source: Horse Girl Problems

    So of course a parody has sprung up: Horse Girl Miracles. »

  2. Barbie melting in Black Hole Sun video

    The Imaginary Image Blog

    There’s a group of poet-comedians on Twitter. We frequently point to them on Slacktory’s Follow Fridays. This crowd are sometimes funny, sometimes bizarre, sometimes just beautiful — it feels like they’re more after a pure emotional response, and the authenticity of that response matters more than whether it’s happy-flavored or sad-flavored.

    The group also has a blog. A group blog. A glog. A gumblr. It’s called the Imaginary Image Blog, and it’s art.

    Some sample posts:

    Two toddlers running lines from ‘Waiting for Godot’, only taking breaks for crackers and juice.


    a stripper in full camouflage attire, slowly appearing


    See more quotes from the Imaginary Image Blog. »

  3. 60 Random Stock Photos to Use Up the Rest of Our Photo Budget — Best Week Ever is shutting down, so they’re pulling a Conan.

  4. I Just Discovered MediaTakeOut (“The Most Visited Urban Website in the World”), Everybody

    The following post, which got passed around a few New York media-person tumblrs this week, is from MediaTakeOut, which is apparently not a satirical blog in the style of Hipster Runoff but a sincere celebrity gossip blog.

    A 2007 Boston Globe piece says MediaTakeOut (sample headline: WE GOT PICS . . . OF THE TOP DRAFT PICKS GIRLFRIENDS . . . AND ALL WE GOTTA SAY IS . . . WHERE THE BLACK WOMEN AT?????) is run by Fred Mwangaguhunga, a “former corporate lawyer”. In an NPR interview, Mwangaguhunga:  sounds as serious about his job as Gawker’s Nick Denton.

    But I am going to ignore that and read MediaTakeOut (sample headline: CAUGHT SLIPPIN!!! A WOMAN Tweets Out A Pic . . . Of RIHANNA’S EX . . . Baseball Player MATT KEMP . . . SLEEPING ON THE COUCH!!!) as pure satire, and probably read the entire internet as pure satire, and thus will I find true happiness.

  5. Bob Parsons, asshat

    Brief Interviews With Hideous Websites


    GoDaddy: BUY SOME SHIT!

    Nick: oh god i just want to transfer this domain oh god where do i


    Nick: can you please show me where the


    Read conversations with the New York Times, Merriam-Webster and others. »

  6. Treehugger banner

    Matt Jurns Reads a Blog: Treehugger

    Treehugger is full of great news and editorials about green living, and that’s wonderful; but all of that is secondary to what I saw while looking at their site this evening. According to one of their articles, a gentleman by the name of Szymon Hanczar has invented a ‘global warming sled’ which doesn’t need snow.

    This is very cute of them to highlight, but let us review the product outside of the context of its topical cleverness. It has 1) a flat wooden surface, 2) a metal frame, and 3) small horrible wheels.

    Which is a real problem. Read on. »

  7. Gawker logo

    Matt Jurns Reads a Blog: Gawker

    Matt Jurns studied library science at Kent State University. We made him read blogs for the first time. Today he reads Gawker.

    What is Gawker’s deal? I know what Gawker Media does, and I know what each of the blogs in its extended family do; but Gawker itself is baffling. Is it just all the stuff that doesn’t fit into the niches of the other sites? Is it Nick Denton’s Tumblr?

    I know it says ‘gossip’; but that seems so vague as to be meaningless. Even the ‘about’ page doesn’t describe it, it just has a supercut of people on the news saying ‘’. It reads like an everything bagel tastes, there are so many things that I can’t pick out what’s going on. This isn’t my write-up, I’m genuinely confused.

    Discussion question: When did you stop reading Gawker, and how many times has its readership doubled since?

  8. What your cigar grip says about you

    What Your Favorite Blog Says About You

    Gawker: You tell your friends jokes about their ethnicities and sexual orientations. They grin and say “Bitch!” and pretend to smack you.

    Huffington Post: Most of your pleasures are guilty pleasures.

    Daily Kos: You own a “Disappearing Civil Liberties” mug.

    Laughing SquidYou own an unconventional bicycle.

    BuzzFeed: Your giggle is too high-pitched.

    Gizmodo: You correct people in conversations that you overhear in public.

    Lifehacker: You know where your pens are.

    Read more. Then tell me your favorite blog so I can tease you about it. »

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