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  1. akinetictypographer - a meme

    AKineticTypographer: Reddit’s Next Big Comment-Reply Novelty Account

    Reddit novelty accounts that illustrate comments are a genre, we’ve pointed that out. Today’s account, AKineticTypographer, has posted six kinetic-typography GIFs in twelve hours, each one featuring a comment in a different popular Reddit thread. Here’s their best work so far.

    See their best two kinetic typography GIFs. »

  2. condescending wonka on mess of memes

    The Great Meme Original-Source Montage

    The “Mess of Memes” montage doesn’t really add much context to often-quoted “meme” lines like “shut up and take my money” or “the rent is too damn high,” since they mostly come from popular TV shows and movies, and the meme versions often include a screencap of the source. You won’t find the source of “silly and nonsexual” here.

    But for those of us who are already sick of these lines, but slap them into Reddit threads for cheap karma anyway, this is our nostalgic fanboy equivalent to Cardcaptor Sakura music videos.

    Watch ‘Mess of Memes’. It’s got the origin of ‘Hello, This Is Dog.’ »

  3. skeptical 3rd world kid

    Skeptical 3rd World Kid: The New Advice Meme

    When Redditor manute3392 posted the image of a “Skeptical 3rd-world child”, user Scorp63 said, “Time for /r/AdviceAnimals to beat this dead into the ground for the next 12 hours, then complain about it being over used.” Yup!

    Manute3392 says the photo is from another Redditor working for the Student Global Health Alliance. I say it’s a Coke bottle from the gods, which is probably a racist joke sorry.

    The best Skeptical 3rd World Kid macros, each linked to the original Reddit submission:

    See nine more 3rd World Kid captions. »

  4. Oh my god pistachios

    Novelty Redditor MS_Paint_Guy Will Draw Your Comment

    MS_Paint_Guy just started yesterday, and he’s still pretty underground. It probably takes ages to sketch this stuff in MS Paint, but it all comes out shittier than Shitty_Watercolor. And “make it look shitty” is classic internet aesthetic. I’m guessing he gets “noticed” on Reddit later this week, on the blogs by Monday, has his own subreddit next Friday, a week later he starts doing all of Slacktory’s above-headline images. What’s with those things?

    Let’s see MS_Paint_Guy’s best hits so far. There… there are two. Two of four total pictures.

    See the two pictures! They’re good pictures! »

  5. dear girls dear boy

    Trend: Sassing Back Boys With Pseudofeminist Handwritten Signs

    If you’ve made good life choices on Tumblr, you’ve seen this photo reply by Einstein on Acid:

    Well this is just part of a whole hilarious movement of replies to hand-drawn-sign boys. It’s “I am the 99%” parodies all over again.

    Come see the rest! There’s a naked lady and a belly and a supervillain! »

  6. Amercia Is With Mitt!

    How we live now: Everything that happens gets a Tumblr and a Twitter.

    Amercia Is With Mitt! is a single-topic Tumblr of images made with, and mocking, the Mitt Romney campaign’s iPhone app. Because that app prominently misspells “America” as “Amercia”. And it still hasn’t been fixed.

    Twitter is being funny about it too, natch.

    This piece is getting too long. Click to read the tweets. »

  7. Almost Politically Correct Redneck banner

    Almost Politically Correct Redneck: A New Advice Meme

    Almost Politically Correct Redneck loves Mexicans because they’re the best dishwashers. He thinks Barack Obama is a pretty cool colored person. He’s the perfect symbol of our nation’s current awkward transition to more enlightened social mores.

    Here are the best examples of this new meme, plus a few of my own.

    See the almost-OK, then really not OK, opinions. »

  8. Other girls vs Cthulhu banner

    The 12 Best Parodies of the “Other Girls vs Me” Meme

    On May 6, Tumblr user Endophallus Party posted this fatuous comparison of a Tumblry nerdy girl to “other girls”:

    “Other girls are girly, I’m nerdy” is a common Tumblr theme, specifically visual comparisons like the above, which has variations like this, this, and this. But this one, as Brad O’Farrell at Modern Primate points out, was a parody. The author said so. And it sparked spinoffs (spins-off?), often from people who took Endophallus’s first picture seriously.

    The spinoffs took two forms. Know Your Meme and Modern Primate have explored the first type: Slashfic that shows the two girls above (now named Creamsicle and Other Girls-Sempai) falling in love.

    The other type specifically parodies the above. And that’s what we’re looking at today.

    Come see the best ‘Other girls vs. me’ parodies. »

  9. movie critic kid banner

    Movie Critic Kid: A New Advice Meme

    The Movie Critic Kid meme was born yesterday with the following:

    The Reddit thread filled with criticism for a lame pun meme, but the hate actually inspired some good twists. Here are five of the best Movie Critic Kids from Quickmeme, and five of my own.

    That makes ten! See all ten! Read all ten. »

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