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  1. Freckle overload

    2/10 Would Not Bang: 4chan’s Funniest New Meme

    There’s this running joke on the internet about an acne-scarred C.H.U.D. (or Butthurt Dweller) finding fault with any and all images of women in order to alleviate the self-hatred and loneliness that goes along with being a neckbearded netizen — “I can’t find a decent woman, not because I’m just awful in every way, but because all the women in my town have such big foreheads and stubby toes. Disgusting!”

    This mindset has borne a new meme, “2/10 Would Not Bang,” in which 4chan users post images of flawless women and compete against each other to find fault in increasingly creative ways, and then dismiss them with the Comic Book Guy-channeling verdict: 2/10, Would Not Bang.

    See 23 of the best Would Not Bangs. »

  2. 4chan elderly banner

    Elderly People From Stock Photos Writing on 4chan

    Just some stock images of old people captioned with things I read on 4chan’s /b/ board today.

    Language NSFW.

    ‘The narrator has a fucking Hispanic accent.’ »

  3. B political spectrum banner

    Ninety 4channers Reveal Their Political Leanings

    This spring, a thread in 4chan’s /b/ board (NSFLife) asked /b/tards to fill out the Political Compass Quiz and share their results. I saved the ninety responses and compiled them into the scatterplot below. They took this surprisingly seriously.

    See 4chan’s political bent. »

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