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  1. How you react to every Apple announcement

    How every Apple fan watches an Apple keynote.

  2. Nick-and-Siri-get-a-new-computer

    Nick and Siri get a new computer

    Siri considers her mortality.

    Previously: Nick and Siri make cocktails.

  3. stupid iOS map

    Other iPhone Apps Apple Screwed Up

    With this week’s release of Apple’s new iOS 6 Apple removed Google Maps from the iPhone and introduced their own Maps app. The new Maps app lacks public transit directions and has a lot of other flaws that have left tech pundits wondering why Apple would take away such a strong app and replace it with such a… piece of crap. But did you know Apple made major changes to five more of their standard apps?

    See how they’ve screwed up the other default apps. »

  4. Apple Releases iOS 6 With Declined Daniel

    Apple released iOS 6 yesterday with over 200 new features for iPhone users. Despite what appears to be yet another win for the men and women in Cupertino, one casualty was spotted in the rollout: Declined Daniel, the young man getting dissed by every curious customer checking out Apple’s iOS website.

  5. ios6-transit-maps-routing-app-title

    The Best Public Transit Routing Apps for iOS 6 (And How We Don’t Know Them)

    This looks like it would be about the best public transit apps for the iPhone after the iOS6 update, but it’s not. We have no Maps replacements for public transit directions. They’re probably in iTunes, maybe even highlighted in iOS 6 on iPhone 4Ses and iPhone 5s, but we don’t know them.

    Seriously, we don’t have any information about the best iOS 6 transit routing apps. There’s nothing to see here. »

  6. pile of phones

    Slacktory Liveblogs Really Wanting an iPhone 5

    10:12: Jesus, the iPhone event isn’t til 1? Switch to Eastern Time already, like adults.

    10:26: How am I supposed to do work when there’s a new iPhone coming?

    10:37: Ugh just give me a new iPhone already. Put it in my mouth.

    10:41: What do you guys think will be on this one? I think they’re bringing back real keyboards.

    Read the rest of our all-day liveblog. »

  7. DiGiorno employee manual

    Gizmodo Finds DiGiorno’s Secret Employee Training Manual

    Yesterday Gizmodo got a hold of an Apple Store Genius Training Manual. They read it cover to cover and exposed its shocking techniques, like politeness and empathy. Today they announced they have found a leaked copy of a DiGiorno Pizza Training manual.

    Sam Biddle Reports:

    You may have seen the outrageous DiGiorno advertising that has been permeating televisions for years, claiming that their pizza is as good as any delivery place, even implying that a tiny nerdy kid could be invited into what appears to be a generic rap star’s slammin’ party. You would think DiGiorno knows better, right? You bet they do: DiGiorno knows exactly what it’s doing with our emotions. How do I know? I read DiGiorno’s secret training manual from cover to cover.

    It’s a penetrating look inside DiGiorno: psychological mastery, banned words, role playing — you’ve never seen anything like it. THE HORROR!

    The training manual I mysteriously ended up with is apparently the most up-to-date and runs a bizarre gamut of DiGiorno do’s and don’ts, even mentioning words that employees shouldn’t use like “fucking asshole” and lessons on how to capitalize on human emotions, like love of food.

    See what else lurks inside the DiGiorno employee manual. »

  8. Photoshop is a game for Mac

    The Five Best Games on a Mac

    A while back, Kotaku listed the 12 Best Games for Mac. Although they make some solid suggestions (I’m a little partial to Starcraft myself), there are some glaring omissions. Here are the real top titles.

    1. Watching PC Users Struggle with Hot Corners

    Arguably the greatest game on a Mac, thanks to the recently released DLC level, “Where the hell did Netflix just go”. After some PC luddite clumsily hits a Hot Corner, it’s a race against time. The goal is to see how long you will try and guide them to get back their windows before snatching away the mouse. You’ve really got to master the sneer of contempt at the end to get into the higher levels, though.

    Read about four more popular Mac games. »

  9. Browett Makes It Better advice meme banner

    Browett Makes It Better: The Apple Retail Guy Advice Meme

    The head of Apple Retail, John Browett, recently decided it would be a good idea to cut back on staffing in the stores. While Apple backpedals, you can have fun applying Browett’s thinking to everything else in the world, with our Browett Makes It Better advice meme!

    See all sixteen of our Browett improvements. »

  10. Apple Wins Patent on Issuing Patents

    As the legal battle between Apple and Samsung rages on in court, new details of a patent issued to Steve Jobs and Apple have surfaced, leading many to wonder if the patent system should have a serious conversation about how it issues protection to innovators.

    That conversation, as it turns out, may be covered in the unearthed patent.

    Our crack team of patent specialists have found a patent issued to Steve Jobs that actually patents the patent issuing process. The patent was applied for by Jobs on his death bed and was awarded to Apple last week.

    See how the patent on patent-issuing works. »

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