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  1. Flappy Bird logo
  2. Yankees fans

    iPhone vs. Android: Phones Is Just Baseball Teams

    Today I happened upon a bunch of Android fans discussing this graphic:

    Comments went like so (edited down for clarity):

    Slacktory’s social editor Henry Birdseye and I discussed.

    Henry: People can’t articulate what bugs them about the new iPhone update. “Not enough!”

    Nick: Made me feel like “Oh, we’re all just on baseball teams.” I’m thrilled about camera improvements and speed. Sure it doesn’t have any huge new feature, and I still await NFWhatever, the shit for mobile payments…

    Henry: Right. NFC I guess is something? (Read on.) »

  3. Cat plays with iPad

    Slacktory Supercut: Animals Playing With iPhones

    iPhones and other touchscreen devices are so easy to use that pretty much anything with a brain stem can play around with them. Yesterday in a wifi café, I saw a golden retriever doing web design on an iPad.

    Watch animals play with iPhones, iPads and Droids. »

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