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  1. John Wilkes Booth shoots Lincoln in cartoon

    American History Animated by South Park’s Trey Parker

    Trey Parker animated his college roommate’s summary of American history as a school project, using the cut-paper style he’d later use in South Park, which I write as if you didn’t already make the connection because the keywords will help this post show up in Google more. Uproxx has more background.

    Watch a Parker’s History of the United States. »

  2. Rick Santorum is uncomfortable

    Rick Santorum’s New Rules for All 50 States

    “To be a state of the United States, English has to be the principal language.” — Rick Santorum, incorrectly, in Puerto Rico

    This is actually the start of a 50-state campaign by Rick Santorum.

    Alabama: “To be a state of the United States, all truck backs, handkerchiefs and cigarette lighters must not be decorated with the Confederate Flag.”

    Alaska: “To be a state of the United States, sweepstakes and Amazon Super-Saver Shipping must include you.”

    Arizona: “To be a state of the United States, you need some tree shade.”

    Arkansas: “To be a state of the United States, you can’t have another state’s name inside your name.”

    Read Santorum’s 46 other rules for statehood. »

  3. Indiana Jones

    U.S. States in Order of How Cool They’d Sound as a First Name

    1. Mississippi
    2. Tennessee
    3. Indiana
    4. Colorado
    5. California
    6. Washington
    7. Nevada
    8. Alabama
    9. Oklahoma
    10. Minnesota

    Read 40 more. »

  4. Alex and Liam in Wal-Mart

    “Alex and Liam Do Wal-Mart”: Two Brits in a Superstore

    Oh god I am so embarrassed for being an American! Especially when these guys discover a DiGiorno frozen pizza that comes with chocolate chip cookie dough. I can’t even do that “ugh but these guys are so smug it takes the fun out of it” thing because maybe they’re a little smug but haven’t they earned it by not inventing DiGiorno-plus-cookies?

    Watch and sigh. »

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