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  1. Matt Mulholland does a cappella

    Matt Mulholland A Cappella Scats the “South Park” Cash for Gold Song

    The genius behind the million-view a cappella Matrix lobby scene covered the “Jewelry Polka” from South Park‘s “Cash for Gold” episode. I listened to it an actual ten times.

    And now so can you! »

  2. A cappella dubstep

    A Cappella Dubstep, With Cool Teens

    My friend Cole and I, we always tell each other, “I’m so glad YouTube wasn’t around when we were teens, we’d make such fools of ourselves.” Yeah but maybe we’d be famous for it? I want to be friends with these young men because they are silly and they don’t mind!

    Warning: If you use Reddit, this video is “old”.

    Watch A Cappella Dubstep and its blooper reel. »

  3. Maple Leaf Rag with mouth and eyes

    This Is Everything: Stupid-Ass A Cappella Versions of Maple Leaf Rag

    The app VidRhythm takes any little videos you shoot and turns them into songs. Forces them, really, since there’s only so much you can do with a sound wave. So no matter what you put in, you get pretty much the same synthy sound out.

    One of the app’s presets is the Maple Leaf Rag. And a lot of people have used it!

    When YouTube tells you how two days’ worth of video are uploaded every minute, remember that 99% of it is this.

    Watch every object ever perform the Maple Leaf Rag. »

  4. sound effects phantom menace

    The Phantom Menace and the Matrix With A Cappella Sound Effects

    It’s a good genre, the dubbed voice-over. Mystery Science Theater, Rifftrax, “Wizard People, Dear Reader“. And these two scenes re-dubbed with voice effects and a vocal soundtrack by Mark Mulholland (who also does a campy Pokemon theme song) make me suspect I could sit through an entire a cappella movie.

    Certainly woulda made “Phantom Menace” more watchable, amirite guys, yadda yadda.

    Listen to some mouth noises. »

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