1. Siri tries to help Nick not be a terrible son.

  2. Comedians Meghan O’Neill and Samantha Martin play two frenemy roommates planning a party.

    “I can take care of the booze!” “Oh, I know you can take care of the booze. After all, I take out the recycling.”

    Written by and starring Meghan O’Neill and Samantha Martin

    Camera: Nate Bennett

    Editor: Nick Douglas

    Music: “Sad Love Song From Someone Else” by Littlefoot (CC 2013)

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  3. Slacktory’s fourth Derp Edition movie trailer goes where no man has oh god are we doing this bit? Do they even use that tagline any more?

    Edited by OneMinuteGalactica
    See the original blooper reel

  4. Jon Lefkovitz made a supercut music video to his own original whistling song.

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  5. Apt 8 News cat wide

    Alex has trouble replacing her co-anchor Jackie.

    Watch the whole Apt 8 News series.

    Directed & produced by James Madejski & Kris Wellman
    Shot & edited by James Madejski
    Written by Kris Wellman
    Post-production supervisor: Bryan Honig
    Assistant Director: Joshua Marcus
    Camera: Yanivel Lopez
    Sound: James Molinaro
    Production Assistant: Alexandra Klimavich
    Cat Wrangler: Brandon Kirby
    Starring: Chelsea Kurtz, Laura Pollak, Natalie Rice, Laura Marion, and Schmie

  6. Die Hard derp trailer 600

    Die Hard trailer, meet the Die Hard blooper reel.

    (Original blooper reel)

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  8. The Lion King, Forrest Gump, Ace of Base, Donkey Kong Country, and more 1994 pop culture.

  9. So… how was your Thanksgiving? Looking forward to Christmas with the family?

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  10. Alex Coulombe celebrates the best of movie archers. Highlight: Every Robin Hood movie where Robin’s arrow splits the last arrow.

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