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  1. Maximus-Thor-in-the-mirror

    Weird Youtube: Maximus Thor

    The black hole of Youtube can be the worst way to ruin an afternoon, or the best way to find some of the strangest things on the internet. For example, Maximus Thor.

    The first video is unassuming enough–a young, blonde, permanently shirtless child (apparently named Maximus) hops along a jungle gym, then turns to the camera and, in the voice of a large black man, proclaims, “Hi, beeyatch!” But wait.

    In his next video, he discusses Darth Vader’s anatomy. »

  2. animals web show - horses

    New episode of “Animals” you guys

    In the latest standalone episode of the Channel 101 series “Animals”, two friends hang out in Central Park. They are both horses.

    Watch ‘Horses’. »

  3. David Seger introduces New in November

    What if M. C. Escher and Charlie Kaufman made a comedy video?

    David Seger is doing some Borges-level self-referential absurdity. Seger is a comedian/video-guy, an alumnus of Channel 101 and Community, and he’s doing his second annual “New in November”, where he makes a video every weekday for a month. Last year’s NiN included the famous M83 background vocal audition.

    This year he says he’ll play it calmer. He said so in the first video of the month. The second video was a friend re-enacting that video (and clips from last year’s vids). The third video is David’s audio commentary on that remake. And the fourth is a song made out of that commentary. Jesus. I’m really hoping he keeps up this pattern all month.

    Watch David’s self-referential videos. »

  4. John Darnielle on Animals - Roaches

    Watch John Darnielle play a cartoon cockroach on “Animals”

    “Animals” is a Channel 101 NY show that we like, about animals (so far all New York City pests) in human-relatable social situations. They got John Darnielle from the Mountain Goats to guest-star in their episode, wherein two roaches discover a Slurpee. He fits right into their naturalistic delivery, so well that I can’t tell if they script this or just improvise along an outline.

    Watch ‘Animals: Roaches’. »

  5. nathan-barnatt-obama-dance-video-title

    Nathan Barnatt’s new dance video is goofy as ever, features an Obama mask

    I hope you’re familiar with Nathan Barnatt. He enjoys dancing and classic video games. We’ve posted about him a few times on the Slacktory Tumblr; his dance videos are so fun and well-edited they make me want to learn two things: how to dance and how to edit video.

    His new video, released yesterday – National Voter Registration Day – seems passively pro-Obama (he’s wearing an Obama mask). But that’s not what matters. What matters is that Nathan Barnatt made another silly dancing video and that you get to watch it.

    Watch Nathanbama do his dance. »

  6. Status Kill interrogation

    Status Kill: A Facebook Interrogation

    My favorite episode of My Damn Channel’s Status Kill so far, thanks to the clever back-and-forth. You don’t need any context to jump into this, just a loathing of people who post mysterious status messages.

    Watch the latest Status Kill. »

  7. sniper reading Facebook

    Status Kill: Government Agent Vs. Facebook Invites

    Most of us won’t even need Google Glasses because we’re already staring at a screen all day. But imagine having an actually interesting job. Say, government assassin. How helpful would Google Glasses be?

    Not at all! Did you think you’d suddenly have cool and useful notifications, and not the same inane shit you deal with on Facebook?

    Watch this video of a sniper distracted by Facebook invites. »

  8. Chris Christie interviews for Vice President

    Vetting Mitt’s Veeps: A Political Show You Can Watch Without Knowing Politics

    Political sketch comedy is a hard genre not to be awful at. UCB is doing a great job of it! Of… of not being awful! Their series “Vetting Mitt’s Veeps” treats each possible Mitt Romney VP candidate as a wacky character that may or may not line up with their actual persona. So it’s more about humor than commentary, which is wise.

    Watch two of the best episodes. »

  9. Randy and Jason Sklar

    “The Tweekly News” With the Sklar Brothers

    We all agree, yes, that lately Twitter has been too funny? And maybe we could just parse everything going on there if some great comedians made a web show about it? Oh good hey the Sklar brothers’ new web show “The Tweekly News” does that! And they have tweeting-comedian guests like Chelsea Peretti!

    In today’s episode, Randy and Jason discuss tweets about Chumbawamba and Hugh Hefner.

    Watch the latest Tweekly News. »

  10. Status Kill header

    “Status Kill” Season 2 Trailer!

    STATUS KILL is a web show about an elite assassin with a social media addiction. There are GUNS and EXPLOSIONS and FLOATING NEWS FEEDS. And this is a TRAILER for the SHOW by my colleague JESSE COWELL for Slacktory’s parent company MY DAMN CHANNEL.

    WATCH the TRAILER. »

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