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  1. mischief managed

    #NaNoWriMoClosers: A lot like #NaNoWriMoOpeners, if you can believe that

    The same crowd who started November with #NaNoWriMoOpeners are finishing it with #NaNoWriMoClosers. While the ones below are all great, I’ve missed so very many excellent closing lines from fake novels.

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  2. Vin Diesel upside down

    You need to get in on Twitter’s #VinDieselSunday

    The joke of Twitter’s #VinDieselSunday isn’t quite that Vin Diesel is dumb… it’s that he sort of sees the world like a child. An alien child. An autistic alien child.

    Every Sunday, very funny Twitter users think of ways that Vin Diesel would misinterpret normal things:

    The best thing is that there are very few lame ones. Sift through the hashtag search and sure, some aren’t gold, but they’re all at least bronze. Only the pros come out for Vin Diesel Sunday.

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  3. My Dinner With Andre Google Images

    #LessInterestingMovies: A Twitter game

    Last night (and into this morning), Twitter people were playing #LessInterestingMovies. I feel like we’ve played this hashtag game many times before. Which makes it less interesting and thus PERFECTLY SELF-REFERENTIAL.

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  4. BlackBerryIdeas Twitter avatar mangled

    Follow Thursday: @blackberryideas

    I always pick the wrong ideas for novelty accounts. It’s always something I get sick of after like twenty posts. Blackberry, surprisingly, is not such an account.

    By using the same broken English as fake Presidential candidate Matt Romney, reading @blackberryideas feels like hearing people with far more self-respect than brains, scrabbling to conquer something much larger than themselves. It’s like watching an unlikeable Don Quixote who’s already lost, but a lot more fun than that sounds.

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  5. LastLinesFromGreatBooks - the monster at the end of this book

    #Last Lines From Great Books: A Twitter game

    Yesterday, Twitter users listed fake last lines from famous books.

    I’m not sure whether this tag started as something sincere; after a while there were plenty of people quoting the actual ends of all the Hunger Games and Harry Potter. But there were also all these good jokes:

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  6. Charles Dickens writes fanfic

    The best #NaNoWriMoOpeners tweets (Volume 2)

    “You’re tearing this family apart,” Matriarch Sonic told Tails, “with your shitty Christmas gifts of single rings wrapped in aluminum foil.” “It’s your fault!” said Tails. “You’re the subject of too many satirical National Novel Writing Month tweets!” Sonic almost smacked Tails across the face, but s/he knew it to be true. S/he and her/is fedora were bringing shame upon their suburban dynasty.

    They barely calmed down for Thanksgiving dinner, both staring at their phones reading Slacktory’s picks of the best #NaNoWriMoOpeners tweets. They’d already devoured volume 1, and they now dug into the second course.

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  7. fanfic writer

    The best #NaNoWriMoOpeners tweets (Volume 1)

    I strapped another BatoPak to my fingers. It had been a hard month writing Future Articles for Future Slacktory, the last comedy blog on the internet after everyone realized CollegeHumor was made of stupidheads.

    I took a break to read the #NaNoWriMoOpeners tweets that made fun of National Novel Writing Month. They were all good. But maybe if I trimmed away the redundant ones and picked the very best, I could survive another day in the War on Things I Don’t Like.

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  8. zombie comedian

    Twitter game: #SpookyStandups

    It’s Halloween versions of standup comedians! Irish_Dinosaur started the game this morning:

    And then there were hella more.

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  9. Springtime for Hitler

    The Best #failedmusicals Twitter Jokes From the Last 24 Hours

    Comedian Christian Finnegan started this game last evening:

    And Twitter blew the hell up.

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  10. Seinfeld glitch

    Approximate Seinfeld: Today’s Best Stupid Twitter Game

    There are only like 20 participating tweets, but they’re so fun because they don’t really follow one set of rules.

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