1. Windows 8 Mad Libs

    WPWordFlow reveals Microsoft’s opinion of its users

    Yo momma is the largest city in America. Batman and I don’t understand each other. Guess what I’m wearing shorts lol jk. These are a few of the texts Microsoft thinks you want to send to other human beings.

    WPWordFlow is a relatively new Twitter account that explores the predictive text feature on Windows Phone 8. According to the profile, “Every word except the first one is added sequentially using Windows Phone 8’s suggested words bar.”

    Some of them make total sense:

    With others, you can’t help but sense a bit of the stereotypical Microsoft nerd seep in:

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, @LouBegaFacts

    One, two, threefourfive

    There’s a new Twitter I’m obsessed with

    And it’s called @LouBegaFacts

    …I must stay deep ’cause talk is a cheap:

    A little bit of Rita is all I need…

  3. dumbum

    What every one letter Twitter handle is up to lately

    @a - Andrei Zmievski -

    @b – Brian Griffing -

    @c – Coley Cheng -

    Continue the alphabet. »

  4. Central Casting Twitter icon

    The Best Twitter Casting Calls From Central Casting

    Central Casting is on Twitter. Their bio:

    We are Central Casting! The leading background actors casting company in the United States since 1925! And these are our tweets:)

    So charming!

    The New York Observer noticed some great casting-call tweets for HBO’s Girls. So I dug through the company’s NY and LA feeds from the last three years and found all the best casting calls. Some are funny, some just evoke a great story. (If you look like a “hipster” you could be an extra in everything. Same if you are a baby.)

    In New York:

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  5. @Alittleracist: Retweets and gets into arguments with people who tweet racist things.

    Via: /r/twitter

  6. GuarascioPort banner

    @GuarascioPort: Tweets From the Now-Dead Witty Fake Twitter Account of the New “Community” Showrunners

    You already know that Sony replaced Community showrunner Dan Harmon with the two guys who ran Just Shoot Me!. You might also know that Sony sent out a stupid memo to Community‘s cast, feeding them stupid lines about this stupid change.

    You might even know about the fake Twitter account for Community’s new show runners, David Guarascio and Moses Port. But did you know that it just got shut down? Did the parodists just change their name to something less likely to confuse total idiots? Or did Sony ask Twitter to swing the banhammer?

    UPDATE: The account’s back. Or it just wasn’t loading for us. Or something! But we’re having trouble embedding tweets, so if you’re having trouble too, see our screencap below.

    See (almost) all of @GuarascioPort’s tweets. »

  7. Tilda Swinton

    @NotTildaSwinton: Fake Tilda Swinton Twitter Account Funnier Than Fake Everything Else

    Know how articles say “Forget X, here’s Y!”? I always substitute “fuck” for “forget”. In this case, X = fake Zooey Deschanel and Y = fake Tilda Swinton, @NotTildaSwinton on Twitter.

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  8. Zooey Deschanel talks to Siri

    All the Best Tweets from the “Zooey Asks Siri” Novelty Twitter

    @ZooeySiri is full of questions Zooey Deschanel would ask Siri. You know, because she did that iPhone ad where she was whimsical with Siri.

    Man, people really like to mock tweedom.

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  9. Barack Obama hand to ear

    The Best Twitter Jokes About Barack Obama Endorsing Gay Marriage

    Something happened in the world, so it’s time for a Slacktory roundup of the jokes about it.

    Warning: If you’re not happy about this event, you’ll want to stop reading and go fuck yourself.

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  10. Junior Seau

    People on Twitter Making a “Junior Séance” Joke

    Former NFL linebacker Junior Seau died yesterday, apparently a suicide. Twitter made jokes. Well, Twitter made a joke. And it was just a few awful people. Whom we are now commemorating.

    Here’s something you didn’t know about and didn’t want. »

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