1. Three thousand points of light

    Improv Everywhere: More Beauty, Less Smug

    Improv Everywhere “pranks” do two things: They make life fun, and they make me really want to punch a smug bastard.

    While hanging out in New York’s Nelson Rockefeller Park the other weekend, I caught IE’s eighth “mp3 experiment”, which had fun bits and face-punchy bits.

    The experiment itself was fantastic. Watch the video below or check out the gorgeous aerial photos near the bottom of this.

    But their photographers have an annoying habit: they always sidle up to bystanders and go “wow, are you freaking out, man?” When I was asked this, I was visibly enjoying the show and particularly not freaking out.

    And they do this every time. »

  2. Rodney Dangerfield

    “Friends Facebook”: 20 News Headlines About Facebook Using the Same Tired Metaphor

    Business journalism is rough, because there are only five business stories: X allies with Y, X disagrees with Y, X has a new product, X has a problem with a new product, and Rebecca Black. So you’ve really only got so much room for headlines.

    Still, can’t we demand a touch more creativity than this?

    Netflix Chief Friends Facebook

    Wall Street Journal

    Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Friends Facebook Board Of Directors

    Deadline New York

    Iconic computer game ‘Civilization’ friends Facebook as ‘Civ World’

    Washington Post

    See 17 more. »

  3. rooftop owling

    No no no no no no no.

    “Owling is the new planking,” says BuzzFeed. “Owling is essentially just squatting,” admits BuzzFeed.

    “We’re actually going to do this and make this a thing,” says Reddit. “We are the quirkiest quirks that ever quirked.” So far there are 50 Reddit posts about owling.

    Owling was invented 14 hours ago.

    We are, of course, only feeding the problem by telling you. So before you owl, consider this:

    Everyone in every cyberpunk novel ever hates us. »

  4. Mark Zuckerberg as Christ the Redeemer statue

    How Facebook Killed Orkut in Brazil

    North Americans and Europeans are in a “Facebook bubble”; we assume that everyone on the planet uses the same social network. But while Facebook holds the vast market-share, emerging BRIC economies have historically been on rival social networks. The Russians consistently use VKontakte. The Chinese are on QZone. Brazil and India have been dedicated to Orkut.

    Nearly a year ago, Facebook made its first incursion into BRIC territory, toppling Orkut in India. And now the same is happening in Orkut’s biggest user-base: Brazil.

    I couch-surfed with a Brazilian named Paula and her Swiss boyfriend Lukas. Paula moved from Porto Alegre to Zurich in January, after flirting with Lukas over Facebook. Paula is an early adopter. She’s been on Orkut since the early days, but after traveling through Europe a few years ago she joined Facebook. She realized it was a much better way to stay in touch with travel friends.

    Just how screwed is Orkut? »

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