1. For some reason, [forcing me to register] pisses me off more than when a site tries to charge for what is free elsewhere — it’s actually nice to think that the girls on are being paid and that there’s not just a dude holding a gun on them off camera. Likewise, I have no problem with ads on a website — we’re not running a goddamned charity operation over here. But then you have the businesses that operate under the, “We won’t allow you to give us money or traffic until you also create an account with your personal information” business model. That’s what needs to die.

    — John Cheese, “5 Things I Can’t Believe Websites Are Still Doing” [Cracked]

  2. “See You in the Funny Pages”: Condescending newspaper discovers that webcomics artists are super-happy making money without newspaper syndication.

    Also, we learn that the guy behind Questionable Content doesn’t wake up til 3 pm, which means he must not finish the strip til 3:30 HEY-OHHHH!

  3. You know, it’s not always bad. Once I got to take home half a bottle of wine that was leftover from a client showcase we did. Sure, it was red, and I don’t really drink that, but it’s a start. Someday, I imagine I’ll take home an entire bottle. Can you mention that I’m looking for work? I have a degree, experience with a top NYC PR firm, and I own two Hervé Léger bandage dresses.

    For Immediate Release: Recent College Grad Discovers She Chose The Wrong Major by PR major and Slacktory contributor Stephanie Georgopulos [Thought Catalog]

  4. Elixer of Reminding: This Dude Will Blow Your Mind, Dude

    This is what is becoming in the world: the acceptance, only, of lived experience. I did not hear it if it did not scrobble, I did not see it if it’s not on Flickr, I did not say it if it is unpublished. Without Foursquare, I am not even there.

    — James Bridle, An Elixer of Reminding

    And about Instagram… »

  5. The Pope’s Tweets: A surprisingly good New Yorker Shouts and Murmurs piece.

  6. The Epiphanator

    There should be a word for that feeling you get when an older person — and not much older, so quickly are things changing — shames him or herself by telling young people how to live. I’d vote for Bedeutungslosigkeitschmach, or “irrelevance shame,” (made up with the help of Google translate) or perhaps Rünschmerz, the horrifying gut pain one experiences watching Andy Rooney.

    — Paul Ford, whom we’d like to kidnap and force to write our blog, in a defense of social media as a friend of old media. He also coins the term “Franzendentalist.” [NY Mag]

  7. Nothing shuts down an accusation of joke theft faster or in a more embarrassing way than proof that the accuser actually made the joke after the accused. That’s what happened to Bill Maher, who accused The Onion of stealing a joke he made in a standup special. The problem? The Onion published the joke in question six months before his standup special aired.

    — So you want to accuse someone of stealing your joke [Splitsider]

  8. The word “hipster” is dead, says Stephanie Georgopulos (a Slacktory contributor) on Thought Catalog:

    Calling someone ‘hipster’ is the ultimate judgmental move. It’s a superficial word that essentially means nothing – you use it when you don’t know someone well enough to hate them for a specific reason. Getting to know someone gives you the ammo you need to hate on them in a proactive way. You can target your insults and make them count. You can say, “So-and-so needs to take a fucking shower and read a goddamn book that wasn’t written in the 20th century,” and it’ll feel good, because you’re hating based on concrete observations and not on snap judgments.

  9. Weekend At Kermie’s: The Muppets’ Strange Life After Death:

    To this day, no one (outside of the movie’s own crew) knows how the Muppets rode bicycles in The Great Muppet Caper, the classic Henson movie from 1981. In that scene, Kermit stands up on one frog-leg on the seat of his bicycle to impress Miss Piggy, and then the whole gang joins them on their bikes, doing circles and figure eights, singing “Couldn’t We Ride?” It’s a wonderful piece of filmmaking, and still a complete delight to watch because the effect relied on the ingenuity and bravado of the puppeteers and crew, not CGI wizardry.

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