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  1. Kanye Wes Anderson, meet seven other rapper-director hybrids

    The internet’s going nuts over the Kanye Wes Anderson Tumblr. So naturally, we decided to rip off the basic concept.

    Here are 7 more ridiculous rapper/director mash-ups:

    Oliver Stone Thugs-n-Harmony

    See Timbaland Burton and five more rapper-director mashups. »


    Books based on pre-made covers

    Book Graphics offers pre-made paperback covers for your self-publishing effort. We’ve turned some of these covers into books.

    Harasha Dule

    Never Look Back

    Four-year-old nudist Nicholas Barbum had it all — the job, the house, the girl — but was still missing one thing, happiness. He’d spent most of his life on the move, running since he’d gotten his legs under him some three years earlier. Maybe it was time to slow down, or at least that’s what his therapist told him. One cloudy July morning, Nicholas told his therapist to go fuck herself and set off on a journey that would change his life.


  3. burgertopping

    Every daily special and shop-next-door joke from “Bob’s Burgers” in one place

    Every episode of Bob’s Burgers starts with its own small version of the Simpsons couch gag: each time the opening theme plays, a different store opens up next to Bob’s. And in each episode are one to four pun-based “daily special” burgers. In honor of last night’s season premiere of Bob’s Burgers, here’s every one of them from the first two seasons.

    Season One, Episode One

    See them all. »

  4. bad advice header

    Good Life Advice From Terrible People

    Following our hit series Unspirationals (beautiful photos with depressing text), and inspired by this beautiful Hitler joke, we present commonly quoted life advice, matched with the bad, worse, and horrible people who embodied it.

    Meet your inspirational nightmare. »

  5. Apple Releases iOS 6 With Declined Daniel

    Apple released iOS 6 yesterday with over 200 new features for iPhone users. Despite what appears to be yet another win for the men and women in Cupertino, one casualty was spotted in the rollout: Declined Daniel, the young man getting dissed by every curious customer checking out Apple’s iOS website.

  6. Tom Hanks Clay Shirky header

    Clay Shirky Is Bald Tom Hanks

    Ever notice how writer-thinker Clay Shirky is particularly witty and engaging for a tech pundit? That’s because he’s Tom Hanks in glasses and a bald cap.

    Thanks to our colleague Chris Menning for figuring this out.

    Look at the resemblance in these seven match-ups. »

  7. Not Safe for Work Default Wallpapers Mac Goats

    Your Desktop’s Not Safe for Work: 9 Prank Wallpapers

    If your place of business has strict IT admins you’re likely stuck with whatever desktop background they’ve selected for you. But if you’re lucky enough to be able to change your wallpaper, that means you can change your co-worker’s wallpaper as well.

    We recommend you take this opportunity to change their desktop to something beautiful and totally offensive (e.g. anything from Reddit’s /r/offensive_wallpapers). Or you could use one of our default Windows/Mac backgrounds with more subtle offensiveness. Either way you’re going to make their day more interesting and/or get them fired.

    Check out our gallery below. »

  8. pin it to win it

    58 Corporate Pinterest-based Contests Named “Pin It and Win It”

    Pinterest is a place for creativity. Like when you’re naming your brand’s social media engagement contest!

    See how creative these contests get! »

  9. OMG Facts banner cool dictionary

    I Think “OMG Facts” Is Drunk

    The facts on OMG Facts really seem off-base lately. It seems like they’re not really trying.

    See the new drunk facts from OMG Facts. »

  10. Snoop Dogg shaming - drugs

    Snoop Dogg Shaming

    You’ve seen Dog Shaming, yes? You’ve heard of Snoop Dogg? Good, you’re ready.

    See Snoop Dogg Shaming. »

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