Stupid Pictures

  1. Stories behind 30 stock photos of unhappy couples in bed

    Unhappy couple in bed 38

    “How did she see my tattoo? I covered it with two tank tops!”

    See 29 more unhappy couples in bed. »

  2. Separated at birth!

    1. Uncle Buck and Del Griffith

    Separated at birth - Uncle Buck and Planes Trains and Automobiles

    Take the mustache off the guy from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and put a hat on him. Uncanny.

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  3. The 2013 Coachella rejected lineup

    It’s a favorite internet tradition to take the annual Coachella lineup poster and fake the hell out of it. We’re glad to carry on that noble ritual.


    Click the poster for a bigger image.


  4. Facebook copyright notice hoax - Cyber Monday

    Celebrities and newsmakers fall for the Facebook copyright notice hoax

    It’s really sad to see everyone fall for the Facebook copyright notice hoax. You guys realize that just declaring something on your Facebook status doesn’t make it legally so, right?

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  5. Hanksgiving - Jello mold to Perdition header

    Hanksgiving: Tom Hanks movie posters redone for Thanksgiving

    Tom Hanks is the human personification of a good Thanksgiving. These photoshopped movie posters by Brian Mann prove it.

    See ‘Jello Mold to Perdition’ and more. »

  6. Denny's too damn high banner

    Internet memes get ad deals

    After “Overly Attached Girlfriend” meme/comedian Laina Morris shot an ad for Samsung that brilliantly played off her usual work — in other words, once it became clear there was more work out there for memes than Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper, other memes got agents and found their own sponsorship deals.

    See what brands signed Nyan Cat, Deal With It, and ‘Aliens’ guy. »

  7. naked man vs police

    These 8 viral photos aren’t of Hurricane Sandy

    You may have seen these pics going around online lately. Despite any claims to the contrary, they are NOT of Hurricane Sandy. So please correct those who said otherwise.

    (Pics link to sources.)

    This is actually a father-daughter Halloween costume.

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  8. relatable Tupperware

    Top 7 ways to close a container

    Slacktory is trying to score a big sponsorship, and to do that we need more relatable content. Who wants to advertise against weird-ass original content like a short story about befriending shower mold, made-up definitions for short Scrabble words, or famous life advice matched with serial killers? Here’s something you can relate to: securing the tops of containers!

    See these popular and recognizable ways to close containers! »

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