Slacktory Index

  1. Cityville

    Slacktory Index: Urbanization Edition

    Words in the Wikipedia article “Evolution“: 9,578
    Words in the article “Digivolution” (the evolution process of creatures in the “Digimon” games and shows): 5,207
    Words in the “Articles for deletion” debate for Digivolution: 657
    Monthly active users of Facebook for Android: 50 million
    Videos viewed on Facebook per month: 2 billion
    Videos viewed on YouTube per day: 2 billion
    Monthly active users of CityVille: 83 million
    Populations of Tokyo, Seoul and Mexico City metropolitan areas combined: 73 million
    Global ratio of urban to rural dwellers: 1:1
    Ratio of active users, CityVille vs. FarmVille: 2.2:1
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