1. David Seger shouts on New in November


    So I wrote about David Seger’s “New in November” project, where each of his daily videos was based on the previous day’s. And then I paused yesterday’s HALF-WAY THROUGH and only just now played the rest and heard him TALK ABOUT ME which I mean now I feel like a fraud for and so here is the video that inspired the most professional Slacktory post of all time:


  2. Guy with fries

    Guys With Fries

    We’re proud to see our iPhone self-portrait Photoshops inspire a spinoff Tumblr: Guys With Fries (a little NSFW) shows dudes showin’ off their bodies while holding a box of French fries.

    Via: Justin Wang

  3. annoying orange vs fred

    Slacktory Challenge: Make This Guy Watch Annoying YouTube Clips

    This September, we made student Andrew Gilliam watch a two-line YouTube video over and over for ten hours. Now we’re finding new annoying videos for Andrew.

    Find the most annoying video you’ve ever seen, something that’ll drive Andrew crazy, and put it in the comments or tweet it at us. We’ll make Andrew watch it and share his reactions on video.

    Below, some of Slacktory’s first picks.

    See five annoying videos. »

  4. Watching Boom Headshot

    We Watched the Same YouTube Video for Ten Hours

    Andrew Gilliam and his friend Stephen took Slacktory’s YouTube Challenge and watched a ten-hour video of a stick figure screaming “Boom! Headshot!” With only one bathroom break during the whole marathon, they had to cope by talking to each other. And still the video drove them a little crazy. Andrew describes the experience below.

    I do guarantee that this is 100% legit. No sound dub, one shot, and only a two minute (approximately) break for me to pee. When we recorded, we did not do a test in the beginning so we were unaware that the audience would not be able to hear us.

    As far as what we thought, we actually kept status updates documented (below).

    Watch the 90-second version or the 10-hour version. »

  5. Where Was All the Stuff on Your Desk Made?

    Fast Company reports that only 2.7% of the stuff we buy in the U.S. is made in China. But a lot of that stuff is on your desk. For example, of the ten items around my desk where I can find a “made in” label, six read “China”.

    OK, contest: Whoever’s desk has the most China-made shit on it wins Chinese takeout for two, on us. Post yours in the comments by August 31.

  6. Lauren O'Nizzle self-Photoshops
  7. 10 hour videos

    The 10-Hour YouTube Challenge: Earn $100 the Worst Way Possible

    UPDATE: The challenge is now over. Two amazing gentlemen have completed it. Here’s their video and their live reactions.

    Two months ago, YouTube extended the maximum video length to ten hours. While this is great for feature filmmakers, the obvious trick is to take a normal popular YouTube video and loop it for ten hours.

    Which YouTuber TehN1ppe immediately did to 60 videos. He’s been banned from making more until he deals with a copyright-issue takedown, but the remaining 59 videos have earned about three million views. (A view is reportedly registered after about thirty seconds of play.)

    And if you record yourself watching one in its entirety, we’ll pay you $100.

    Read the rules. »

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