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  1. Sex Teenagers title

    Search for the Best Web Show: Sex Teenagers

    This series is searching for the best web show of all time. Also see our review of The Jerry Seinfeld Program.

    Great title amirite? Sex Teenagers is a cancelled show from Channel 101 (a monthly screening series in LA) that I’d watch as a full TV show. It started as a parody of high school dramedy. But it stayed inventive and satisfyingly raunchy while growing character arcs to balance out its gags.

    Conveniently, you can test if you’ll like this show by watching the pilot episode’s 13-second cold open. Technically, the first thing that ever happens in this show is a punchline.

    Watch the pilot with me. Well, I already watched it, but you can watch it now and it’s like we’re buddies. »

  2. The Jerry Seinfeld Program

    The Search for the Best Web Show: The Jerry Seinfeld Program

    Web shows get no respect. Most of them don’t deserve any. But some are astounding. We’re gonna look for the best web show ever. First up: The Jerry Seinfeld Program.

    Most of you will hate this show. It’s absurdist — not “absurd,” like “fun wacky hijinks”. This is some Samuel Beckett shit here. And it gets disturbing.

    The Jerry Seinfeld Program is a deconstruction of Seinfeld, with just George and Jerry (played by Arthur Meyer and Dan Klein), always in Jerry’s apartment. In the first episode, George swears off beans:

    Here’s where you discover how much abuse you can take. No pressure. »

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