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  1. ios6-transit-maps-routing-app-title

    The Best Public Transit Routing Apps for iOS 6 (And How We Don’t Know Them)

    This looks like it would be about the best public transit apps for the iPhone after the iOS6 update, but it’s not. We have no Maps replacements for public transit directions. They’re probably in iTunes, maybe even highlighted in iOS 6 on iPhone 4Ses and iPhone 5s, but we don’t know them.

    Seriously, we don’t have any information about the best iOS 6 transit routing apps. There’s nothing to see here. »

  2. Sher Valenzuela thanks the government

    Redditor Makes a Fake Site Out of Facts for GOP Convention Speaker Sher Valenzuela

    I couldn’t pack the beauty of this stunt into the headline. Here’s how FirstStateMan presented it on Reddit: “On Tuesday night, small business owner Sher Valenzuela will address the nation at the RNC on how she ‘built it herself’. Unfortunately, she forgot to build So, I built it for her!” talks about the actual history of Valenzuela’s company, First State Manufacturing, and how it’s relied on government aid from the start.

    Read how First State Manufacturing’s real site also shows off its government connections. »

  3. HAL 9000 as Protoss

    The Friendly Troll: Playing StarCraft as HAL 9000

    Dan Wilkerson trolls Starcraft II multiplayer games, then posts them on Reddit. He’s also done a series of Starcraft trolls for Slacktory: Zerg Scientologists, a Terran Occupy movement, and now a Protoss HAL 9000.

    See Dan trolling his Starcraft opponent. »

  4. Terran Reaper comes in peace

    The Friendly Troll: Three Comics From Real Starcraft Games

    Dan Wilkerson trolls Starcraft II multiplayer games, then posts them on Reddit. He’s posted two original missions to Slacktory: Playing the Zerg as Scientologist missionaries, and playing Terrans as Occupy Wall Street protestors. Now he’s authorized a Slacktory collection of his earlier works. — Nick


    Took a new approach to my TvP.

    See the rest of the peaceful Starcraft troll. »

  5. Marla OkCupid banner

    12 More Guys Chat With Marla the Psycho OkCupid Lady

    Thank you for the universal praise for “20 Guys Trying to Bang a Total Psycho on OkCupid“! We’re proud of every commenter ever for recognizing comedy, irony and hyperbole! Everyone saw clearly how the butt of the joke is Marla herself, because we explained it super-clearly because we’re very professional and perfect. As a reward, here are 12 more conversations with Marla, a crazy person made up for a fake OkCupid account.

    Because OkCupid decided this joke was too good to let slowly devolve into a tired gag, they’ve closed Marla’s account. This will be the last-ever collection of Marla’s OkCupid conversations until she makes another account.

    See the rest of Marla’s little chats! »

  6. Marla OkCupid banner

    20 Guys Trying to Bang a Total Psycho on OkCupid

    The world is fucked. If you are single, you’re fucked. If you’re married, you’re probably going to get divorced, so you’re fucked too. Online dating is taking over, and it’s as bad as everyone says it is. The general population is morphing into lazy, fake, desperate, and creepy weirdoes on the internet, and I did a little experiment to prove it.

    I made a fake profile on OkCupid based on a character I created, named Marla. Here’s what Marla’s profile looked like. Please note that in my profile picture, you can’t see my face, boobs, butt, or anything that would indicate that I’m physically attractive whatsoever. Oh come on, that’s a hot shoulder. — Ed.

    The goal was to be as incredibly weird, rude, and unattractive as possible to see if guys would still talk to me. Seriously, who would waste more than 0.05 seconds on this white trash bitch? A LOT OF PEOPLE, APPARENTLY.

    See how 20 guys responded to my fake profile. »

  7. Starcraft Terran Marine joins Occupy Wall Street

    Occupy Starcraft: Playing Terrans as Peaceful Protesters of the Protoss

    Dan Wilkerson trolls Starcraft II multiplayer games, then posts them on Reddit. After I saw his peaceful colonists and his cowardly Terrans, I asked him to go on further missions for Slacktory. Also see Dan playing the Zerg as Scientologist missionaries. The captions are enlarged below; click a screencap for a larger version. — Nick

    See the rest of Dan’s Occupy troll. »

  8. Scientologist Zerg lurker

    The Friendly Troll: Playing Starcraft II as Peaceful Zerg Missionaries

    Dan Wilkerson trolls Starcraft II multiplayer games, then posts them on Reddit. After I saw his peaceful colonists and his cowardly Terrans, I asked him to go on further missions for Slacktory. The captions are enlarged below; click a screencap for a larger version. — Nick

    See the rest of Dan’s Zerg missionary troll. »

  9. Mike Monteiro vs allthis

    Allthis vs. AllthisPR: A Case Study in Trolling Stupid Companies

    Allthis is a startup where people buy ten-minute online chats with each other. It could maybe be a cool idea. But their list of potential chattees included a lot of well-known professionals who’d never heard of Allthis.

    One of those professionals wrote a loud blog post about getting herself off the list, embarrassing Allthis into taking down all the unauthorized profiles. That included the BoingBoing writers, who are known to be (rightfully) prickly about this sort of business bullshit. So that bit them in the ass too.

    But the real fun started when the fake Twitter account popped up. »

  10. Megyn-Kelly-pepper-spray

    Hate Mail for Our Fox News Pepper Spray Petition

    As of this morning, over 30,000 people have signed my petition asking Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly to eat pepper spray on TV to prove her point that it’s “a food product, essentially.”

    I’m so proud of the internet for getting behind something that probably won’t happen and will really just make us snicker and remember that certain TV news channels don’t give a damn about what words actually mean.

    I’m also proud of everyone who wrote me hate mail!

    Let’s read it! »

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