Nailed It

  1. Nick Douglas smokes on Nailed It

    Nailed It: How to quit smoking

    Welcome back to Nailed It, the how-to show that’s still trying! Today we’re going to help you quit smoking.

    Written by and starring: Nick Douglas
    Directed, produced, and edited by: Tom Leveritt
    Drug dealer: Jason Oberholtzer

  2. Slacktory Classic: Nailed It: How to fix your relationship on Valentine’s Day

    Here’s my guide to putting off a breakup on Valentine’s Day, first published last year.

  3. pumpkincarving

    Nailed It: Carve a Pumpkin for Halloween

    Remember last year? When Slacktory’s “Nailed It” taught you how to you “how to” carve a pumpkin? Well guess what? It’s almost Halloween (again) and it’s still relevant. See if this year will be any different than the last…

    Written by Nick Douglas

    Directed by Tom Leveritt

  4. Nick in a parking lot at SxSW

    Nailed It: SxSW on $10 a Day

    Slacktory’s Nick Douglas shows how to get by at the world’s coolest tech festival without going broke.

    It’s the latest episode of Nailed It, the how-to show that shows you how-to everything.

    Watch Nick nail it! »

  5. Nailed It - Valentine's Day

    Nailed It: How to Make the Perfect Valentine’s Day

    On the latest episode of ‘Nailed It!’, Nick Douglas tries to fix his dying relationship with a special Valentine’s Day dinner.

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  6. Nailed It Jack O'Lantern banner

    Nailed It: How to Carve a Pumpkin for Halloween

    Slacktory’s new how-to show “Nailed It” teaches you “how to” everything. Today we’ll teach you how to carve a jack-o’-lantern!

    Written by Nick Douglas

    Directed by Tom Leveritt

    Watch it! Nail it! »

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