1. dre&1D

    Dr. Dre pens a letter to the boys of One Direction

     October 11, 2012

     Dear Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry and of course Zayn,

     Hey guys! How are you all doing? We’ve never met, or anything like that, and honestly, I’m not as familiar with your music as I’d like to be. But my kids love you! My daughter, Truly — she’s 11 — she has a poster of Niall hanging over her bed, and she already has a ticket to your show in Los Angeles NEXT AUGUST! That’s so far away, but she told me that she already knows what she’s going to wear the show! Girls are crazy, right? Ha, ha!

    …Look. Let’s skip the formalities. I’m very familiar with your music. I’m Dr. Dre; I’m familiar with all my contemporaries. I’ve been watching you kids since you were on “X Factor” and I’ve watched you become superstars. Global superstars. And now I have some questions.

    Back when I was a young MC — before the muscles, before Eminem, and way before any of you were alive…

  2. Paley

    In Nina Paley’s “This Land Is Mine” everyone dies

    Cartoonist-turned-free-culture-activist, Nina Paley, got a lot of attention when her animated film Sita Sings The Blues (2008′s best animated film and perhaps even the best of the 21st century, in my humble opinion) failed to clear the rights to very crucial music and was released for free download under Creative Commons.

    It’s a wonderful example of art-turned-activism, and Paley’s newest, a project she’s calling Seder-Masochism, might end up falling into the same circumstance. Paley just released “the last scene” of the “potential-possible-maybe feature film” and it’s perfectly Paley: funny, bloody and flawlessly scored.

    Sorry, you have to click to see the video.


    Ladies and Gentlemen, @LouBegaFacts

    One, two, threefourfive

    There’s a new Twitter I’m obsessed with

    And it’s called @LouBegaFacts

    …I must stay deep ’cause talk is a cheap:

    A little bit of Rita is all I need…

  4. paidinpuke

    Is puking really hot right now, or is it just me?

    I’m not a huge fan of the “funny puke”. I think the word “puke” is pretty funny, along with the synonyms for puke, including “vomit”, “spew”, “ralph” (WHO IS RALPH?), “hurl”, and by far the funniest iteration: “barf”. But the humor of vomit is in name only. There is no puke humor I can think of in the past ten or so years that was actually amusing. And when someone pukes on screen, I find it so utterly repulsive that no form of falling in said puke, swimming in said puke or even(!) eating said puke could shock value me into a laugh.

    Is this a puking trend piece? Maybe.

  5. Everything but Rap and Country label

    I Paid $50 for a Cassette Tape

    Satellite High is a funny Twitter guy. He’s also a progressive hip-hop artist. One of his tracks is named “Who the Philip Glass of This Rap Shit?” And he’s putting out a casette-only album on IndieGoGo, under the label name “Everything but Rap & Country Recording Co.”

    It’s ten bucks for the tape, $25 with a bonus track, $50 for “a completely unique one-of-a-kind cassette which will contain a good chunk of music that may or may not be rap, but WILL be previously unreleased, and totally one-of-a-kind.”

    Haha, sounds awful, right? Or maybe it’ll be fucking amazing, and if you don’t put it on the internet it’ll be this special music that only a handful of us own, and then we can write teasingly about it, hinting at its contents like our own personal Noodle Incident. And that smug secrecy is what I’m paying fifty fucking dollars for. Join me.

  6. Krispy Kreme's best friend Money Mike

    Krispy Kreme Gets Real With New Song “Best Friends”

    In the third song from intentionally-bad country-nerd rapper Krispy Kreme, he sings about rescuing his best friend Money Mike from a kidnapping.

    This track’s got narrative, ambitious photography, and an R.I.P. shout-out. As Jay Hathaway told me: “‘Best Friends’ : Krispy Kreme :: ‘Niggas Bleed’ : Biggie. This is clearly an evolution.”

    The best lyric: “James and Mike had beef last week, ’cause James ran over Mike’s bike with his Jeep.”

    Watch the new era of Krispy Kreme. »

  7. Derek Paravicini

    I Think This Blind Autistic Savant Pianist Actually Loathes Us All

    Derek Paravicini can play thousands of songs by memory and improvise them into different styles, but can’t hold up three fingers when asked.

    The blind autistic savant has a YouTube account that’s just starting to get popular as Reddit discovers him.

    But the more I watch his videos and listen to his excited intros to every piece, the more I feel like he’s actually just a straight-up genius. He’s so disgusted by the rest of humanity that he’s incredibly snide, so snide he comes across as autistic.

    It’s his defense mechanism for not wanting to live on this planet any more. We think he’s Algernon before the flowering, and he’s really Algernon after.


    Watch Paravicini play ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ in the style of Fats Waller, and other parlor tricks of intellect you peons request of him. »

  8. Lawyer Mike Raps

    Can We Talk About Lawyer Mike?

    Hardwick hasn’t noticed him. Neither has Daniel Tosh. He hasn’t been on the Daily What or Best Week Ever.

    They’ve all missed the boat on Lawyer Mike, the Knoxville-based personal injury attorney… and rapper.

    On video. Come see. »

  9. Tay Zonday Mama Economy song

    “Mama Economy”: Tay Zonday’s Shockingly In-Depth Song About the U.S. Economy

    Tay Zonday’s song “Mama Economy” doesn’t just explain CDOs and housing prices like every other “here’s how the economy works” video. It’s in-depth. It has a point of view.

    Sample lyric:

    But kids don’t learn in school we live one worldview —
    neoliberal economics in all of their politics.
    They don’t ask why corporations are human citizens
    or why Grandma pays more taxes ’cause she lacks stock dividends
    or why private bankers print the public money
    or why democracy is broken ’cause their leaders won’t be cutting
    loopholes or subsidies for constituent industries,
    putting legislative bodies in a deep freeze.

    New ringtone!

    Come watch this music video! Fun! Dancing! »

  10. GAG Quartet

    Le Internet Medley: Musical Memes by the GAG Quartet

    When you’re paying homage to a lot of memes at once, you risk coming off as an exploitative non-value-adder. But the GAG Quartet’s “Le Internet Medley” is slick enough to earn respect.

    These mega-mashups could use more interactions between the memes. Also, we’re still doing Dramatic Chipmunk in 2011? At least Numa Numa is, like, retro.

    Your memes are now guitar licks. GET IT THAT’S OLD SPICE GUY »

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