1. Almost Politically Correct Redneck banner

    Almost Politically Correct Redneck: A New Advice Meme

    Almost Politically Correct Redneck loves Mexicans because they’re the best dishwashers. He thinks Barack Obama is a pretty cool colored person. He’s the perfect symbol of our nation’s current awkward transition to more enlightened social mores.

    Here are the best examples of this new meme, plus a few of my own.

    See the almost-OK, then really not OK, opinions. »

  2. Other girls vs Cthulhu banner

    The 12 Best Parodies of the “Other Girls vs Me” Meme

    On May 6, Tumblr user Endophallus Party posted this fatuous comparison of a Tumblry nerdy girl to “other girls”:

    “Other girls are girly, I’m nerdy” is a common Tumblr theme, specifically visual comparisons like the above, which has variations like this, this, and this. But this one, as Brad O’Farrell at Modern Primate points out, was a parody. The author said so. And it sparked spinoffs (spins-off?), often from people who took Endophallus’s first picture seriously.

    The spinoffs took two forms. Know Your Meme and Modern Primate have explored the first type: Slashfic that shows the two girls above (now named Creamsicle and Other Girls-Sempai) falling in love.

    The other type specifically parodies the above. And that’s what we’re looking at today.

    Come see the best ‘Other girls vs. me’ parodies. »

  3. movie critic kid banner

    Movie Critic Kid: A New Advice Meme

    The Movie Critic Kid meme was born yesterday with the following:

    The Reddit thread filled with criticism for a lame pun meme, but the hate actually inspired some good twists. Here are five of the best Movie Critic Kids from Quickmeme, and five of my own.

    That makes ten! See all ten! Read all ten. »

  4. Memes Who Will Not Be Attending ROFLCon

    ROFLCon is happening right now! It’s a big conference where all the Internet goes to hang out in Cambridge, MA. Many of the meme people you’d expect will be there: Double Rainbow Guy, the “Gingers do have souls” kid, Nope! Chuck Testa. There’s a good chance they’ll all be in the same room at some point this weekend, and that totally blows my mind.

    But what about the memes that won’t make it? What are they doing, or why weren’t they invited?

    Hampster dance: Only 3 of the original 4 hamster GIFs will be there, as the orange and white rotating hamster got really into cocaine and passed away right in the prime of his life, at roughly 2 years old.

    Tubgirl: Couldn’t find the time. Just had too much shit going on.

    2 girls 1 cup: The girls couldn’t make it, but the cup will be signing autographs.

    Lemon party: Won’t be at the main conference, but they’ll be throwing a lemon afterparty.

    Lime cat: Wasn’t invited, and believe me, he sure is a “sourpuss”! (I hate myself.)

    Goatse guy: He’s there, but ironically he is super constipated and hasn’t left his hotel room.

    Bucket walrus: Too shy. Left a note on his Twitter page, though. “I also has crippling anxiety in social situations.”

  5. Brad O'Farrell and the Count to Potato Girl

    Dear Tumblr: I Did Not Start the “I Can Count to Potato” Meme

    This morning I posted this image on my Tumblr:

    With the caption:

    *Entire internet replaced with millions of spinning chairs*

    Apparently, I was the first person to post this to a static location online. It was sent to me over IM by someone who got it off of 4chan, where it was leaked a few hours before going up in a Sun article about the “I can count to potato” meme.

    Within a few hours it got over 2,000 notes, and suddenly people who knew the girl in real life started sending me messages about how I was a monster.

    Read the angry messages — and hear about why the Sun are dicks. »

  6. Squidward from the ultimate animated GIF
  7. rpg-creepy-wolverine

    Reddit’s AMA With Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Was the Lovefest You’d Expect It To Be

    Ridiculously Photogenic Guy did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread on Reddit last night. His AMA thread went well. If you’ve seen any clips of him, you know he is a very down to earth guy. The thread seems to have gone well, and everyone remained pleasant.

    But man, Redditors have beaten this dead horse. We get it! You want to have sex with this handsome man. That is the joke! The joke is that he is very handsome.

    There were some good questions (“What’s it like to be internet famous for good reasons?”, “What do you do in real life?”, “What is the best thing that has come from this overnight fame?”) but almost every other question was a variation of, “You are handsome. I want to fuck you?” YES, WE ALL LIKE THIS GUY. WE GET IT. I’ve loved hating people before (e.g. most characters on reality TV), but this is the first time I think I’ve come close to hating loving someone.

    Mashable’s writeup on Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’s AMA is pretty good… »

  8. Hail Mary full of guac

    15 Captions for Sombrero Pope

    The Pope went to Mexico! He wore a sombrero! They took pictures! We added captions!


    See 13 more Sombrero Pope quotes. »

  9. Insanity Betty

    Mad Men Season 4 Recapped in Advice Memes

    Catch up on Mad Men before the fifth season starts this Sunday. We recapped season 4 with advice memes. You know all this. It was in the headline. I’m sorry for wasting your time.

    Let’s see some Mad Men characters as advice memes! »

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