1. Israeli meme mocks Netanyahu’s bomb diagram

    Israeli portal Walla reports: Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented an insultingly silly graph at the UN this week, not-really illustrating Iran’s imminent nuclear capability:

    And the internet did what internets do. »

  2. akinetictypographer - a meme

    AKineticTypographer: Reddit’s Next Big Comment-Reply Novelty Account

    Reddit novelty accounts that illustrate comments are a genre, we’ve pointed that out. Today’s account, AKineticTypographer, has posted six kinetic-typography GIFs in twelve hours, each one featuring a comment in a different popular Reddit thread. Here’s their best work so far.

    See their best two kinetic typography GIFs. »

  3. video game jokes banner

    15 Classic Video Games Make Pop Culture Jokes

    Inspired by Caveman Circus’s “video game logic”, we found 15 classic games that embody memes, song lyrics, and other famous pop culture quotes. And we still avoided doing a “Somebody That I Used to Know” parody.

    See video games sharing cultural catchphrases. »

  4. Third Wheel Prince Harry banner

    Third Wheel Prince Harry: The Advice Meme

    Prince Harry has spent the Olympics with his brother William and William’s wife Kate Middleton. Bloggers like to call him Third Wheel Prince Harry. Which sounds to me like the name of an advice meme! So I made him one.

    See the Third Wheel Prince Harry advice meme. »

  5. Insanity Walter header

    A Breaking Bad Recap in Advice Meme Form

    Breaking Bad season five starts Sunday, so to catch everyone up, here’s a recap of last season’s major events, starring Insanity Walter, Awkward Gus, Marie Problems, and more.

    Season 4 spoilers, obvs.

    Read the story of Breaking Bad told in advice memes. »

  6. Krispy Kreme is rapper Tyler Cassidy

    The Hunt to Expose ‘Krispy Kreme’ as Rapper Tyler Cassidy

    Famously bad YouTube rapper Krispy Kreme has a new video out, “Stolen Bikes”. It’s slick, but still adorably homemade, and it builds on the narrative of James (who kidnapped Money Mike in “Best Friends”). And it’s probably the moment the media discovers what hip-hop fans have known for weeks now: Krispy Kreme is a hoax.

    How believable was it that Krispy Kreme was really a semi-illiterate hick? How could lyrics like “Even if you had infinity knives, I would punch you up into the air like a kite” not be intentionally goofy, the work of a comedian doing a rap joke?

    I always assumed so, but intelligent internet-appreciators like writer Greg Rutter took Krispy Kreme as legit, and Know Your Meme, Wikipedia and Best Week Ever never suggested a hoax. (Though the Huffington Post’s Andres Juaregui suspected something.)

    So I started to believe there really was a mouth-breathing rural rapper who was just accidentally entertaining. Stupidity was a magical power superior to talent, and some day the only working comedians would be unintentional ones.

    But I was wrong. Read the real story emerging about Krispy Kreme, a.k.a. Tyler Cassidy. »

  7. drunk baby - nap time banner

    Drunk Baby: Another Damn Baby Advice Meme

    A lot of advice meme practitioners on Reddit seem to disdain child-based memes, in a way that, say, Tumblr doesn’t. I get it partly — they rehash the same “this little piggy” and “pooped my pants” jokes. But every meme’s repetitive.

    It smacks of “look at my cute kid”-ism, maybe? And the single-male cohort of Reddit looks down on those who have chosen to spill their seed into a woman, fertilely.

    Well, other Redditors make them anyway, and Drunk Baby is funny.

    Like most of Reddit’s advice memes this year, it started in an /r/pics post. You can wade through everyone’s submissions on Quickmeme, or see the best twelve below.

    See ten more drunk baby captions. »

  8. skeptical 3rd world kid

    Skeptical 3rd World Kid: The New Advice Meme

    When Redditor manute3392 posted the image of a “Skeptical 3rd-world child”, user Scorp63 said, “Time for /r/AdviceAnimals to beat this dead into the ground for the next 12 hours, then complain about it being over used.” Yup!

    Manute3392 says the photo is from another Redditor working for the Student Global Health Alliance. I say it’s a Coke bottle from the gods, which is probably a racist joke sorry.

    The best Skeptical 3rd World Kid macros, each linked to the original Reddit submission:

    See nine more 3rd World Kid captions. »

  9. dear girls dear boy

    Trend: Sassing Back Boys With Pseudofeminist Handwritten Signs

    If you’ve made good life choices on Tumblr, you’ve seen this photo reply by Einstein on Acid:

    Well this is just part of a whole hilarious movement of replies to hand-drawn-sign boys. It’s “I am the 99%” parodies all over again.

    Come see the rest! There’s a naked lady and a belly and a supervillain! »

  10. Attractive Guy Girl Advice Meme

    Pickup advice that always works for hot guys.


    See a million of this joke on Uproxx, Quickmeme, and Reddit.

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