1. Matt Romney and Rob Paul

    Presidential Candidates Matt Romney and Rob Paul: Exclusive Interview Except for the Other Interviews

    Matt Romney and Rob Paul are running for president. What that means is two funny, absurd Twitter and Facebook personas are mocking politics by showing what it would look like if a couple of half-illiterate weirdo suburbans ran for office on completely unfulfillable platforms. You know, like in the real world.

    We’ve written about these guys before, and now our colleague Chris Donahue scored an interview.

    First of all I want to thank both of you for taking the time out of your busy campaigning schedule to sit down with me.

    Matt Romney – thank u. im just gonna party later instead of right now but its ok.

    Rob Paul – It is an asbolute pleasure to speak to anyone in the mainstream media illuminati thank you for having me and I hope that I can perform your secret handshake correctly every time I promise I will work on it and I’m sorry I knocked the coffee into your lap it was an Iced coffee and you had the lid on it but a little got on your dungarees they’re dark so it doesn’t show that much sorry again

    It’s not a problem. Rob, this first question is for you. You were running for President but decided to step down and run as Vice. What’s that all about?

    See Rob’s answer in the rest of the interview. »

  2. Pirate Party in NMA cartoon

    Interview with Christopher Lauer, the Pirate Party’s New Voice in Berlin

    In an unprecedented win, members of Germany’s Pirate Party have been elected to Berlin’s city-state legislature. For the first time residents of Berlin gave 8.9% of their vote to the party, which wants to radically change government’s relationship to technology.

    The new parliamentary Pirates, are now forming statutes for their new government. This is typical rigmarole that all parties must go through, but the Pirates are doing it differently. They’re already streaming their coalition party conversations through Soundcloud and as text on their site.

    Read our interview with parliamentarian Chris Lauer. »

  3. Proust

    Three Chatbots Answer the Proust Questionnaire

    Loneliness and alienation are hallmarks of modernity, but scientific researchers knew that talking to other people is terribly underwhelming, so they developed Artificial Intelligence. Now when you’re alone, you can open your laptop and have conversations with automated robots instead of people.

    In the earliest days of the 21st century SmarterChild reigned supreme as the go-to chatterbot to instant message. Now he replies “My brain is retired but watch some cool videos!” In SmarterChild’s absence, several challengers have entered the market battling to become the new premier chatting-robot.

    We wanted to get a true snapshot of what makes these contenders tick, so we went the Vanity Fair route and gave them the Proust Questionnaire.

    See how they responded. »

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