1. The 5 stages of the new Daft Punk

    I’ve been going through them for months now. Recognize any of these emotions in yourself?

    1. DENIAL


    Nope nope nope this is NOT going to be like when Alive 2007 owned the end of my 2007 and all of my 2008 and parts of my 2009. I’ll just watch this YouTube clip of the combined SNL promos one. more. time. [Repeat dozens of times]

    2. ANGER


    Woooooooah-kay, that Soundcloud file is NOT the actual full version of “Get Lucky”. I’m going to savage this latest faker in an Internet comment section. That busywork makes the waiting easier, right? [Repeat dozens of times]

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  2. GIFs with the captions switched

    We noticed this technique on the slick original GIF blog GIF Movie. So we copied it! Because this should be a whole new genre.



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