1. Who Do You Know Facebook game

    Who Do You Know?: This Game Made Me Unfriend People on Facebook

    It didn’t make me, but after I couldn’t name all the Peters I know on Facebook, I was shamed into unfriending a couple, plus some Jameses and a Michelle.

    Who Do You Know? is a simple new game by the guys behind Who Is the Most Famous?. You login with Facebook, it gives you the first name of one of your friends, and you have to fill in the last name. Then you get really depressed at how little you remember your “friends”.

  2. draw-something-bad-drawings-post-title

    The Worst “Draw Something” Sketches I Have Seen (So Far)

    As I mentioned earlier, I’m playing Draw Something. It’s on mobile devices and Facebook, and it’s delightful. You draw a word for a friend, they guess what it is, then you switch places.

    The fun is in watching your friends try to convey ideas with sketches clumsily drawn on smartphones. As I mentioned last week on the Slacktory Tumblr, I’ve seen some great drawings. Your friends will surprise you with absurd references to unexpected things. A friend drew me a werewolf and included a basketball hoop (an excellent Teen Wolf reference). Little touches like that make the game great.

    However, not everyone tries so hard. I’m playing a couple games with strangers, and, to put things gently: they are the worst. I don’t know why they even bother.

    Check ‘em out. Four lazy, terrible drawings. »

  3. Who is the most famous?

    Be One of the First to Play “Who Is the Most Famous?”

    The “Who Is The Most Famous?” game asks a simple question: Who is the most famous person named “Mark?” You guess, and you get Family-Feud-style points for guessing the same as most people. Then you complete another name, and another until you are 85 and what happened to your life?

    I feel really proud when one of the “smart” names is the most famous, but then I see that the most famous Jackson is “Jackson Michael”.

    By the way, it hangs sometimes. Just refresh the page.

  4. GTA V Trailer - Up n Atom Burger

    The Best Fake Products in the New GTA 5 Trailer

    The new Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer is out! Aaaaaaaaaah it’s a computer game everyone is excited yay! And it shows that like all GTA games, this one will be full of fake products and slogans. Here are the best 13 14 I spotted.

    And at the end, watch the whole HD trailer. »

  5. Coinbox Hero

    Coinbox Hero by Jmtb02

    The creator of Achievement Unlocked and every other good Flash game recently released Coinbox Hero, which takes a Mario-like coinbox hit to a leveling-up extreme, then gives a satisfying ending after all the inane clicking.

    How this guy works »

  6. Cow Clicker banner

    Cow Clicker Will Shame You Off Your Facebook Games

    Cow Clicker, now in its second year, is a wonderpressingly* thorough parody of FarmVille and other compulsion-driven Facebook games. Install the app like any other Facebook game, and you get a cow to click once every six hours.

    You can buy different cow avatars, share your clicks on your wall, click your friends’ cows, and buy (with actual money) the chance to click more often. There’s also an ominous countdown to a self-destruct that you can delay by spending Facebook credits (which you buy with actual money), a mockery of the blatant greed of game makers like Zynga.

    In other words, it’s an obvious waste of time. And yet compulsion will easily drive you to spend a half hour maxing out your clicks or playing the Bejeweled parody minigame. You might even briefly consider spending some leftover Facebook credits on this bullshit.

    And that’s the point. »

  7. Grid Game

    Grid Game: Your Hangover Toy

    Grid Game is my favorite game today, because you only need to click once to play a round, and it just scores points and points and points and you feel really accomplished and can somebody get me some milk or bread or something.

  8. Cut the Rope comic

    The Climactic Scene From the “Cut the Rope” Comic Book Series

    Application developer ZeptoLab has partnered with Ape Entertainment to produce a digital comic book and graphic novel series based on Om Nom, the voracious candy-eating creature featured throughout the game.

    Mashable, “Exclusive: ‘Cut the Rope’ Licenses Comic Book Series”


    A boy, eleven, is tied up in the corner with crudely knotted rope. Around him are piles of discarded packaging: potato chip bags, candy bar wrappers, juice boxes. He is bloodied but defiant.

    FROM OFF-PANEL: How do you like your concrete box?

    BOY: You’re a monster.

    Cut the rope already. »

  9. Mario with Amazon mustache

    Amazon’s Twelve New Social Games

    Amazon has recently hired a noted RPG designer, Jonathan Tweet, to design a social game for them.

    Business Insider

    Social games coming up from Amazon:

    • Mario Add to Cart
    • Acquisitive Birds

    Keep listing. »

  10. Ground Control to Fox McCloud — The Starfox team does "Major Tom". Reminds me of "Star Trekkin'".

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