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    Follow Friday: @BestPornComment

    BEST PORN COMMENTS finds and tweets the best non sequiturs, mush-mouthed appreciation, and body snarks left on internet porn.

    The account started on April 1 with this:

    Followed in two minutes by this:

    And so on…

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  2. CoolAssMarvin Twitter avatar

    Follow Friday: CoolAssMarvin

    Twitter’s CoolAssMarvin is a lot like YouTube’s Hennessy Youngman: He’s smart, observant, witty, and he speaks in an “urban” patois. He’s a little like a black Mitch Hedburg.

    And he’s got under 3,000 followers, so when you retweet him you will be an early-adopting tastemaker. You’ll be, like, the Pitchfork of Twitter users.

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  3. Pandy Twitter avatar

    Follow Friday: @_Pandy

    Andy Pandy is the author of the webcomic Pandyland, but he’s also funny on Twitter. He has a “British sense of humor,” which means sometimes he mentions things from England so I’m pretty sure he lives there.

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  4. leannapapp Twitter avatar

    Follow Friday: Leanna Pupp

    Leanna Pupp is a lot like the weirdo poet-joker crowd we’ve mostly featured here. Except at 131 followers, she’s a penny stock that’s gonna blow up, and you’ll be in on the ground floor and you can retire on all your faves.

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  5. Mxrk Twitter avatar - Russian nesting dolls

    Follow Friday: @Mxrk

    His name is Mark, spelled ɱхяƙ. He tells stories. He’s also an impeccable, poetic blogger and illustrator.

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  6. Utilitylimb Twitter avatar

    Failed Follow Friday: @Utilitylimb

    You can follow Utilitylimb, a demon-being who has been faved by Colson Whitehead, and hope he (demons are all male) comes back to Twitter. But on May 3, just short of his 666th tweet, he disappeared. He’s gone to some other dimension. So here’s an all-time best-of:

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  7. 000___000 Twitter avatar

    Follow Friday: 000___000

    @000___000 is Steven-Wrighty: Mostly a “funny thought” recontextualizer, with some wordplay and absurdity, but sometimes topical.

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  8. bransonbranson Twitter avatar

    Follow Friday: @Bransonbranson

    Alex Branson‘s jokes indicate a deep understanding of the internet’s vernacular, the ways we actually end up talking and interpreting words online. That sounds dry, but I’m talking about forum wars and sexts:

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  9. Mott Romney avatar

    Follow Friday: @MottRomney2012

    @MottRomney2012 is equal parts political candidate, cyborg and Egyptian hawk deity. But more than anything, he’s an AMERICAN. The only question is: can his bizarre rants about “Oboama” and the failings of the “U.A.S.” government score him some write-in votes this November?

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  10. aRealLiveGhost banner

    Follow Friday: @aRealLiveGhost

    @aRealLiveGhost reminds me of classic sad-funny blog Girls Are Pretty. People with Achewood avatars fave her.

    She also has a great Tumblr. She makes poetry out of horse_ebooks tweets.

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