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    Follow Friday: @MinerMikeMiner

    Mike Miner tells classic old-fashioned jokes. Heavy on the puns. He’s like those pieces of ginger they put on sushi plates for between bites of unagi — a nice crisp palate-cleanser that you don’t have to struggle to interpret.

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    Follow Friday: @vrunt

    Vrunt is highly imaginative. That’s pretty much all I know about him. Seems like that sums him up as a person, yep.

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  3. Fake Theme Park avatar collage

    Follow Friday: @FakeThemePark

    Fake Theme Park is a very studious novelty account. They’ve written nearly 3,000 jokes over the last couple of years. They stay on theme, they develop characters without alienating new readers, and they get topical.

    They’re grossly underfollowed at about 2,500. Get in now, and they’ll give you an extra punch in your fiftieth-visit’s-free card!

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    Follow Friday: @FakeCivilWar

    This Civil-War-based-jokes account (yes!) is run by comedian Gene O’Neill (@YouGeneOneill) and Brian Lane.

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  5. Fake Louie Episodes Twitter avatar

    Follow Friday: @FakeLouieEps

    Fake Louie Episodes is formulaic, sure, but cute. Nicely parodies the mixture of sentimentality, backhanded self-celebration, and bathos that somehow combine to make Louie a masterpiece.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, @LouBegaFacts

    One, two, threefourfive

    There’s a new Twitter I’m obsessed with

    And it’s called @LouBegaFacts

    …I must stay deep ’cause talk is a cheap:

    A little bit of Rita is all I need…

  7. cophead
  8. Mallelis Twitter avatar art

    Follow Friday: @Mallelis

    Mallory Ortberg (@mallelis) has contributed to Slacktory. She’s more often on the Hairpin, writing texts from literary characters. She’s a Twitter poet.

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  9. lawblob twitter avatar

    Follow Friday: Lawblob

    Lawblob is a little less WTF-ey than most of our Follow Friday picks, but he’s impossible to name without typing “Lawblog” first.

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  10. Jitka Twitter avatar

    Follow Friday: @jitka

    Jitka is part of the Twitter comedo-poetry clan we talked about yesterday. Themes include classic pop music and celebrity names. This person has tweeted nearly 82 thousand times. Jesus. Thank god for Favstar.

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