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    “Condescending Corporate Brand Page” Reminds You Why Brands on Facebook Are So Terrible

    We make fun of Facebook Likes and Twitter Favorites and Hearts and Stars and Horseshoes, but it’s positive reinforcement and our stupid human brains are wired to gobble that shit up. We like this feedback, but not enough to explicitly beg for it.

    But have you ever seen a corporate brand page on Facebook? They’re all shameless monsters, desperate for Likes and Shares. In theory, Likes and Shares make posts more visible to a larger Facebook audience. Then, more people will like that brand, and then that brand can drive cross-traffic to promotions, and then everybody gets rich from all that Like-and-Share money. And that’s why corporate brands on Facebook do whatever it takes to get attention, and they don’t care how much they have to pander to the lowest common denominator to do it.

    That’s why Condescending Corporate Brand Page is such a treat: It’s calling out all corporate brands for posting insultingly stupid Facebook content and then begging for Likes and Shares, and it’s doing it with posts that are simultaneously absurd and familiar.

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  2. Your Cell Phone Has a Name! A New Facebook Game

    You might notice this in your Facebook feed:

    It does work. Wanna know how?

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  3. Monkeymaster Newmedia

    Monkeymaster Newmedia and Other Thai Facebook Names

    I recently made a discovery about the youth of Thailand — when signing up for Facebook, they have their own unique way of creating a nickname that evokes Hollywood coolness.

    I have wasted plenty hours going from Thai Facebook friend to Thai Facebook friend to find these weird names. A few highlights:

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