Derp Trailer

  1. Star Trek blooper trailer

    Slacktory’s fourth Derp Edition movie trailer goes where no man has oh god are we doing this bit? Do they even use that tagline any more?

    Edited by OneMinuteGalactica
    See the original blooper reel

  2. Die Hard derp trailer 600

    Die Hard trailer: Derp edition

    Die Hard trailer, meet the Die Hard blooper reel.

    (Original blooper reel)

  3. The Avengers trailer: Blooper edition

    The Avengers blooper reel makes a great movie trailer.

  4. Star Wars movie trailer: Blooper edition

    A vintage Star Wars ad with all the footage replaced by bloopers. Yeah, I’d watch two hours of that.

    Watch the original, newly revealed blooper reel.

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