1. OPRAH interviews an asexual man

    Welcome our newest cartoonist, Sara Lautman.

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    Oprah interviews an asexual man

  2. Bozarking comic for Reddit
  3. Goofus Gallant Kevin header

    Goofus and Gallant and Kevin

    Remember these two from the old Highlights in the dentist’s office? Goofus never went far enough. Here are some Goofus and Gallant comics that could appeal to the edgy kids of today.

    See Kevin as he shows Goofus up. »

  4. Eat More Bikes webcomic header

    Eat More Bikes: The best weirdo webcomic hiding on Blogspot

    I found a webcomic! A webcomic that’s good for fans of Toothpaste Dinner, Pictures for Sad Children, Perry Bible Fellowship, Feel AfraidGunshow, or Three Word Phrase. Maybe you already read it!

    It’s Nathan Bulmer’s Eat More Bikes, and it’s on Blogspot but there’s a Tumblr version. The art is similar to the comics above — rough, fun and loose. Like the others, the punchline is often more an “oh you!” than a pure “ha!” But Eat More Bikes is a bit more joke-based than the often just-melancholy tone of Pictures for Sad Children or Three Word Phrase.

    See four of the best recent strips from Eat More Bikes. »

  5. Sunday-Brunch-Banner
  6. barftip

    The best Garfield parody you are not reading

    Forget Garfield Minus Garfield, this is Garfield plus barf. And that’s just the beginning. Barfield, a comic by legend of Internet oddities The Reverend Brendan Powell Smith is a trip into the darker side of Garfield you never knew you needed.

    Barfield sets up the premise in its first strip.

    You see, Garfield barfs. Simple. However, if that’s where the joke ended we certainly wouldn’t be talking about it here. Barfield goes strange and wonderful places during its run of 66 comics both doubling down on its one note theme and allowing the theme to decompose in a manner reminiscent of Slacktory’s favorite web series, the Jerry Seinfeld Program.

    barf on. »

  7. I'm king of the world movie misquote

    Comic: More Movie Misquotes

    Sunday Brunch is Manolo M.’s comic for Slacktory. See previous strips, or see Manolo’s other comic, Lucky Pamphlet.

    This is the second of two movie misquote comics; here’s the first.

    See the misremembered movie quotes. »

  8. Shining live from New York

    Comic: Favorite Movie Quotes

    Sunday Brunch is Manolo M.’s comic for Slacktory. See previous strips, or see Manolo’s other comic, Lucky Pamphlet.

    Read this week’s comic. »

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